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Vision Fitness X6200 Elliptical Trainer Review

Brand: Vision Fitness
Expert Rating: 4 stars

Vision Fitness X6200 elliptical trainer reviewI checked out a Vision Fitness X6200 elliptical trainer recently. They are usually sold at fitness equipment specialty stores. What makes the X6200 unique is the fact you can fold it. I am not sure how important of a selling feature that is to the typical customer. You end up saving about 37″ in the length of the machine.

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The Vision Fitness X6200 Elliptical Trainer Features…

The X6200 has a smooth flowing elliptical motion, partially due to the heavy 24 lbs flywheel. The 19.75″ elliptical stride is the length I prefer. It is ideal for average to taller individuals. If you are below 5’4″, you may want to consider a machine with a smaller or variable stride. At 199 lbs. the Vision Fitness X6200 is fairly stable machine.

The moveable handlebars are designed so you can hold them in various positions. The benefit is that you target different muscles in your arms.

The X6200 is a front drive elliptical trainer. The articulating pedals run on single rails in comparison to some front drive models like the Sole or Octane that run on dual rails. In the past I had concerns about single rails ellipticals and their long-term stability. You can often get slippage as they wear. It makes sense that a dual rail design would be more stable. However, the Vision Ellipticals are not your cheap budget machines and they tend to hold up well over the years.

Vision Fitnes X6200 consoleYou get your choice of 3 different consoles, each priced according to the quality and installed programs. The basic model has a non-backlit LCD with limited workout programs. The premier console has a multi window backlit display and a good selection of exercise routines. What surprised me was there is no built in speakers and MP3 input. That is becoming a standard feature on most crosstrainers.

Our Review – Vision Fitness X6200

Vision Fitness is the premium brand built by Johnson Fitness, which also builds Horizon and the just released LiveStrong Fitness equipment. From testing the X6200 it felt solid, stable and durable.

I’ve had mixed reviews on this particular model. In talking to fitness store managers that carry Vision Fitness ellipticals, one praised this model while the other felt Vision did a better job building treadmills rather than ellipticals. However, he did give high marks to the Vision Fitness S7200HRT. His one comment about the X6200 was that he would be cautious recommending it to an extremely heavy individual. They rate the user limit at 300 lbs.

Consumer Magazine Review

A popular consumer magazine, whose name I cannot mention, gave the Vision Fitness 6200 average ratings. They actually rated the Sole E35 higher even though it cost about $500 less. It comes with a 2-year labor warranty and has 5-year parts coverage. The X6200 has 1-year labor and 3-year parts.

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