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Warranties Indicate the Quality of an Elliptical Trainer

The warranty lets you get beyond the hype and reveals the degree of confidence an elliptical manufacturer has for their products.

Example of a Pathetic Warranty:

Weslo elliptical trainers come with a 90 parts and labor warranty. What does that warranty say about the quality of the product? That the manufacturer is not very confident the machine will hold up beyond that 90-day period.

Example of a Strong Warranty:

In contrast, NordicTrack and Sole offer 5 year parts and 2 year labor warranty on most of their ellipticals. What does that say about these ellipticals? It would suggest that their machines are well engineered and made with quality components, and should have few, if no, service issues under normal conditions. Extended warranties reflect the companies confidence in the durability of their machines.

You may be able to disguise mediocre components with fancy labels like, Super Conductor Drive System, In-step Access, ErgoFlow Geometry and SmartBoard console, but if the elliptical has a whimpy warranty there is no hiding from that fact.

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What is the Best Elliptical for Under $1000?


Sole E25 Elliptical – Most durable and reliable option here.

One of my readers asked by opinion on buying either the Sole E25, NordicTrack SE7i or the NordicTrack E11.7 elliptical trainer.  These are all good choices for around $1,000.  Here is the dialogue…

Hello Fred,

My name is Scott and I am about to purchase an Elliptical for my home (would like to make a decision ASAP).  I have done quite a bit of research and have narrowed it down to 3 possible machines…the Sole E25 and the Nordictrack SE7i….and possibly the Nordictrack E11.7. 

All 3 are in the same price range.  I have to admit…I have not exercised in a while and I am looking forward to working out again…this machine is not just for me…but my wife and family.  I am now lost…not sure what direction to go…can you please help me with my decision! 

I do not want to go with the Sole E35 (although I would like to)…it just ends up being a good bit more than I would like cost wise.  I have a bad back and bad knees from playing soccer until I was 49 and this type of low impact workout seems perfect for me. 

Please let me know your thoughts and advice.

Thank you,


Our Response…

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A reader asked my opinion of the BowFlex MAX Trainer.  This is a stair stepper & elliptical trainer hybrid.  It also comes with an upper body workout.  Here is the conversation…


I just came across a youtube video with a review of Sole E25 which I thought was really good so I went to your site.  I thought there might be video reviews there but I could not find them. Any way- are you familiar with the new BowFlex MAX Trainer?  Like the Treadclimber it also has a lot of hype- they say you get great workout in just 14 minutes. I have a small house and like that aspect of MaxTrainer- but I don’t like that there is nowhere to try one out.  Have you tried one? The basic one sells for $999 and that is really high for me, especially to buy site unseen.

I am considering the Sole E25 instead, or maybe a new one I saw E20.  – if it is as good as the E25 without a few bells and whistles that would work for me- and price is better.  (See review of the Sole E25 elliptical trainer)

One challenge I have with any on these is I have low ceilings- 7 feet- so I think I might go through ceilings on any of these as I am 6’2″. Any way I welcome any input you have- especially if you think it’s worth taking a gamble on the MMAX Trainer or just sticking with an elliptical.

Thank you- Hayward

My Response

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How Can Exercise Help You Look and Feel Younger

Today, as the Baby Boomers approach their golden years, they try harder than ever to hold onto their youth. The evidence of this can be seen in a number of industries. For instance, take a look at the ever-growing popularity of ‘anti-aging’ products. Or, what about the increase in vitamin and herbal supplements that boast of bringing youth and longevity in pill or liquid form?

Cosmetic surgery for the sake of looking young has become almost as common as going to the dentist for a routine cleaning. In the past, such surgery was reserved for the wealthy. Now, however, you’ll see people from all walks of life going under the knife to get a face-lift or a tummy tuck or whatever they think they need to knock years off their appearances! (Keep in mind that any surgery is risky…including cosmetic surgery!)

It seems that there is no end to the extremes that some people will go to in an effort to avoid growing old.

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Will an Elliptical Work in a Basement or Other Low Ceiling Room?

We received the following inquiry from one of our readers.  Many individuals place their elliptical trainers in their basement, that often has a maximum 7′ ceiling, and they need a machine that has a low step-up.  This is the conversation…

Hi Fred – Thanks for all the great information on the Elliptical Trainer reviews website! I do have a question which I’m having trouble finding answers to however…  I’m 6’1” tall and have a low ceiling height of only 7’.  Our ProForm Elliptical finally died after 10+ years of solid use. That had a very low step up height of about 6” or so. It worked well in this space but I am having trouble finding a suitable replacement. All of the newer ellipticals seem to have much higher step up height of 8″ to 10” or more, making it a tight squeeze.

Do you have step-up height information anywhere for consumer ellipticals in the $1K – $2K range??

Thanks so much for any guidance you could offer!!


Our Response…

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Elliptical Trainer Buyer’s Guide by Fred Waters

In this video, industry expert Fred Waters demonstrates the most important features to consider when buying an elliptical trainer. Learn what to look for as far as options, flywheel, stride length, rear or front design, resistance and programming. You want to find the right elliptical for both your budget and your fitness needs.

Also check out our full Elliptical Buyer’s Guide section as well as reviews for all of our top recommended brands.
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smooth-74-best2In this fast-paced, ambitious society in which we live, stress has become an increasingly common problem among people of all ages, regardless of their gender, income levels, education levels, places of residence, etc. Although a certain amount of stress is necessary (and even positive) in a person’s life, too much stress can wreak havoc and create health problems, if not acknowledged and dealt with in a salubrious manner.

There are many methods available for reducing stress in one’s life. Too often, however, we get so tied up in our daily routines that we aren’t even aware of just how stressed out we may be! Or, if we DO recognize that we’re really stressed out, we may not set aside time in our busy schedules to do anything about it. (Sound familiar?)

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