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Make Your At-Home Workout the Highlight of Your Day 

It’s easy to just hop on your elliptical, set the time, and then just zone out until your workout is done. Sure, it’s simple and it gets the job done. But is this really making the most of your exercise time?  Do you actually ENJOY this type of workout or are you counting down the minutes until you can be done?

Your elliptical should be a whole lot more exciting than something that just “gets the job done.” That’s why we’ve put together this list of fun workouts that make your elliptical workout a highlight of your day!

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Exercise Is Only Part of Your Fitness 

stressFeeling a little stressed lately?

In today’s world, stress and anxiety are par for the course. We all feel stress and anxiety from time to time. And that’s ok. The key is managing it and not letting it take you away from yourself and your goals.

Exercise is good for your mind and your body, specifically as a very effective form of stress management. That’s right, exercise will not only help you feel stronger physically, but also mentally.

This all begins in your brain, but the effects will travel throughout our whole body!

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Should You Be Using MCT Oil…and How

MCT OilWhen it comes to your health, it can be hard to know which products you should be using and which are just sponsored ads on Instagram. MCT oil is a product you may have heard of that’s been gaining a lot of popularity and for good reason.

So what is it? And is it something you should be adding to your daily diet?  We’re going to break down everything “MCT” for you in this article. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be wiser and one step closer to a healthier you!

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