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You’ll love this exercise challenge with your favorite Apex Legends!

Apex Legends was just named the Best Multiplayer Game of 2019 at The Game awards. The game has grown a massive player base of over 70 million gamers with estimates of 8 to 10 million players battling to be named the Champion each week, all playing anywhere from an hour per day to 5 hours per day on average.

That’s a lot of sitting around and not doing much.

To help gamers get off of the couch or out of their comfortable gamer chair and get some exercise we worked with an Apex Legends player, graphics designer, and fitness aficionado Reddit user /u/DanyulD to come up with an exercise challenge based on one of the game’s Legends.

This is the Get Fit with Apex Legends Challenge.

How to take the challenge.

  1. Select your Legend from the list below

  1. Check the graphic or the list below it when you die or the match ends to see what exercises you have to do.

  1. You’ll add up the exercises you need to do and do them in-between matches.

a.  For example while playing as Bangalore you might hinder your squad more than once during a match with your Rolling Thunder artillery strike. If that’s the case you’ll need to add 10 situps for each additional time. While playing as Crypto your drone might get shot down more than once, if so add up the number of times and multiply that times the 10 v-sits. Etc…

b.  Each legend has a 2x multiplier which should be applied after adding up all of the exercises.

c.  Make sure to not join a new match or start joining a new match until you’ve done all of the required exercises. Each legend has something they may have to do “until respawn or you start a new match” you’ll do these while waiting to join a new match.

d.  Champions get to rest and relax. Each time you win you get a 5-minute break. We used minutes instead of rounds in case you drop into a match and get killed immediately. Unless you win with Lifeline, in which case you get to skip the challenge for 2 whole matches no matter how long or short they are.

  1. Challenge your friends and your squadmates to follow the Get Fit with Apex Legends Challenge and have them share videos for proof to Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #ApexFitnessChallenge OR Challenge your favorite Apex Legends stream on Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer to take on the Apex Fitness Challenge live.


Game Lost: 10 pushups

Hurt or knocked your own squad with your Rolling Thunder: 10 sit-ups

Misfired your smoke grenades: 10 high knees

Killed your squad because of bad timing of your smoke grenade: 30 seconds of running in place

Died despite smoke cover: Plank until respawn or you start a new match

Didn’t call your squadmates ‘ladies’ at any point (you not the character): 2x multiplier for all of the above

You are the CHAMPION:  Locked & Loaded Paid Off. Take A 5 From Drills, PVT! (i.e. Take a 5-minute break from the challenge)


Game Lost: 10 Ankle Hops

Eye of the Allfather reveals Zero hostiles: 30 seconds of shadow boxing

Died while using Beast of the Hunt: 10 tricep dips

Shot but didn’t kill any enemies during the match: 20 lunges

Scan reveals enemy squad and you die: T-pose until respawn

Died to an enemy Bloodhound: 2x multiplier for all of the above

You are the CHAMPION:  Honor the Allfather With A 5-Minute Break From Exercising


Game Lost: 30 seconds of neck stretches

Missed enemies with your Nox Gas Grenade: 10 bear walks

You got your team killed with your distracting Nox: 10 hindu pushups

You got killed while holding a legendary gun: 10 dead bugs

An enemy shot your Nox cannister: Open chest stretches until you respawn or start a new game

Your squad took 2nd place: 2x multiplier for all of the above

You are the CHAMPION:  You’ve Emerged Victorious, Savor The Moment With A 5-Minute Break.


Game Lost: 10 knee hugs

Your drone was shot down: 10 v-sits

Your EMP hits your own squad: 15 windshield wipers

Your drone missed enemies that attack you: 20 cross jacks

You get scanned by an enemy Crypto’s drone: Neck stretches until you respawn or start a new match

Your squad placed 2nd: 2x multiplier for all

You are the CHAMPION:  Nothing To Lose, Everything To Win. Take 5 Minutes To Relax From Exercising.


Game Lost: 15 crab kicks

Died to your own Bombardment: 10 wood chops

Your dome shield didn’t help save your team: 10 hindu pushups

Got killed while your gun shield was deployed: 20 reverse planks

You were the first person in your squad knocked down: lower back stretch until respawn

Died within the first minute of the match:  2x multiplier for all of the above

You are the CHAMPION:  Well Done BRUDDA! Take A 5-Minute Break From Exercising!


Game Lost: 10 pushups

Drop you healing drone but no squadmates use it: 10 squats

Died within the first minute of a match: 20 sit-ups

Squadmate steals from your care package: 20 jumping jacks

Didn’t revive anyone during the match: Plank until you respawn

Died while every squadmate had a legendary item: 2x multiplier for all of the above

You are the CHAMPION:  Take A Break From Exercising For This Match And The Next one!


Game Lost: 10 Burpees

No one shot your decoy: 10 crunches

You got shot instead of your decoy: 10 pushups

You were the first in your squad to die: 15 crab kicks

Your full 3-person squad dies to a 2-person squad: Wall-sit until you respawn (or start a new game)

You shot an enemy Mirage’s decoy: 2x multiplier for all

You are the CHAMPION:  Take A 5-Minute Break, Cook Some Pork Chops, You Deserve A Good Meal And A Little Break From The Challenge!


Game Lost: 10 ankle hops

Your jumppad doesn’t get you to where you wanted: 10 burpees

Died to an enemy Octane: 30 second Heismans

Died first in your squad: Running in place until you respawn or start a new game

Your squad placed 2nd: 2x multiplier for all

You are the CHAMPION:  I Doubt Your Legs Are Tired, But No Workouts For The Next 5 Minutes.


Game Lost: 10 pushups

Missed with Grapple 3 times in a row: 10 crunches

Zipline leading nowhere: 10 sit-ups

Get killed within 10 seconds of grappling: 20 jumping jacks

Didn’t revive you friend in time: T-pose until you respawn

Insulted your squadmates: 2x multiplier for all of the above

You are the CHAMPION:  My Heart Would Be Racing If I Had One Friend, Take A 5-Minute Break And Relax From The Challenge


Game Lost: 10 squats

Placed your pylon unnecessarily: 10 frog jumps

Didn’t fully fence in a camping spot: 20 flutter kicks

Enemy shot and destroyed your fences: 15 pulse ups

Didn’t manager to self-revive with gold knockdown shield: Wall-sit until respawn

Your squad placed 2nd: 2x multiplier for all            

You are the CHAMPION:  You Made Papa Proud! Take A 5-Minute Break From The Challenge And Recharge!


Game Lost: 10 crunches

None of your squadmates used your portal: 10 sit-ups

You got killed right after you came out of the void: 10 ankle hops

You didn’t listen to the voices and got killed: 20 tricep dips

You got out sniped and knocked down: Wall-sit until you respawn or start a new match

Killed by an enemy Wraith: 2x multiplier for all of the above

You are the CHAMPION:  All Roads Always Lead Here. Take A 5-Minute Break From The Challenge.

You’re Ready to Play!

That’s all you need to go play this Apex Legends Get Fit Challenge.  Let us know what you think.  Which was your favorite character and why?  We hope this challenge provides you with hours of entertainment and some great workouts along the way. 

Ready to take things to the next level? Check out our top rated fitness ellipticals here!

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That’s a lot of questions, so let’s see what the experts have to say…

A group of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are looking at things from this perspective to see if being mentally strong can help you reach your fitness goals.

In particular, they are hoping to understand why some people have an easier time meeting their fitness and health goals by studying their brains.

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Mirror, Mirror On the Wall…Who’s The Fittest of Them All?

It seems there is always a new fitness trend claiming to be the “next big thing.” 

In fact, marketers spend millions to get you off the couch and into the best shape of your life.  Lately, one of the innovations we’re most excited about doesn’t look like a fitness machine at all.  In fact, it looks more like a decoration you’d hang in your living room!

Meet “the Mirror…”

Yes, I’m sure thoughts of Snow White’s magic mirror may be floating through your head.  The true magic with this gizmo is how it can use sophisticated technology to put other IKEA-brand mirrors to shame. 

This mirror has just one goal in mind… to get your butt into great shape!

It does this by giving you access to on-demand workout videos or live stream classes directly in your home. Suddenly, your living room is like a personal fitness studio complete with a trainer ready to help you along.  The app for this device lets you build a custom workout designed for your specific goals.

Wanna know more?  Well, here’s the “skinny” on a mirror that can make you skinny

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