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Tips For Elliptical Shopping & Fitness So You Can Meet Your Goals

It’s hard to deny that exercise is good for you.  It’s so good…in fact…that studies are now showing that it can work just like medication for people with certain conditions. Adults and children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can have trouble paying attention, controlling their emotions or finishing tasks.  New studies are showing that an increase in exercise for this individuals can make a significant difference in how they manage their condition.

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Discover the Benefits of Ellipticals Compared to Treadmills

Regardless of what type of cardio machine you purchase, you are going to reap some serious rewards.  It is going to help you take control of your health, drop pounds, and improve your cardiovascular fitness. Now… the big question. Should you buy an elliptical or a treadmill?  Each machine has its benefits and drawbacks.  We decided to break down the main points to consider in this handy guide. Continue reading

The best elliptical reviews descriptions in the world won’t do you any good if you aren’t familiar with the basic machine.  That is why we’ve put together this handy guide for the most important components on an elliptical trainer. Continue reading

More Sleep Means Better Exercise; More Exercise Means Better Sleep!

If you are having trouble sleeping, then exercise might be the perfect way to finally catch some zzz’s.  A regular exercise routine has been shown to help people with chronic insomnia, sleep disorders, and those with poor sleep quality.

On the flip side, sleep is vitally important to athletes hoping for a stellar performance.  You should learn to take advantage of this free restorative service so your body and mind can be well-rested and energized for your workout.

How More Exercise Can Help You Sleep Better

First, let’s take a look at how exercise can influence your sleep…

An article in Psychology Today explained how hitting the elliptical trainer  for some solid sweating each day will help you sleep much better.  The quantity of sleep will improve, but also the quality of your sleep.  Daytime activity stimulates longer periods of slow-wave sleep that do the best job at restoring your body over the night.   Continue reading

5 Tips for Delicious and Healthy Beverages that Won’t Make Your Waistline Expand

Did you ever notice how common soda is in our daily lives?

Everywhere you go, restaurants, airlines, or vending machines proudly offer ‘Pepsi’ or ‘Coca-Cola’ products.  Even TV commercials dazzle us with sexy celebrities chugging down cold-ones.

Fountain drinks at fast-food restaurants or gas stations offer a variety of soda options with sometimes ridiculously large drink containers.

(Admit it, have you had a fizzinator before?)

Soda drinks have become a staple in our American diets.  They are the ‘go-to’ drinks for millions.  We drink them too often and too much.

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Find Out Which Elliptical Trainers Offer You the Most Value!

2017_topellipticalsThere are many different options when it comes to home ellipticals.  Your most immediate concern may be, “Which one can I afford?!”  We’ve decided to help you out a bit with our top recommendations for elliptical trainers that are under $1,000.  We ranked these machines based on their stability, durability, warranty, features, programming, and company reputation.

Many ellipticals that can be purchased at ‘big box’ stores (a.k.a. those huge fitness superstores) are made of very cheap components that don’t stand up to actual use.  Plus, these machines are often backed by almost non-existent warranties that do you no good when your machine breaks down.

Instead, we’d encourage you to spend at least $599 on one of the machines below.  All of these ellipticals come from reputable companies that use quality components, provide reasonable warranties, and deliver effective workouts.  We know this because (unlike most other elliptical review sites) we’ve actually visited the factories and tested these machines.

So… here you go… our 2017 list of top 10 elliptical trainers for under $1,000!

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Side-by-Side Comparison:  Which Vertical Elliptical is Best for You?

Bowflex MAX Trainer

The Bowflex MAX Trainer

Let’s take a closer look at the Bowflex Max Trainers and ProForm HIIT Trainers (formerly known as the CardioHIIT Trainers.)  Both machines use a vertical elliptical / stair-climber motion to allow the user to burn more calories in less time.  There are some significant differences between the models that might help you choose which will work best for your body and budget.

Ways They Are Similar

  • Space Saving Design – Both of these machines are much smaller than typical ellipticals. In fact, they take up about ½ of space and are perfect options for smaller homes or offices. Continue reading

6 Tips for Effective Elliptical Workouts

matrix e30Research has shown that workout sessions with higher intensity are more effective at jump starting your metabolism and burning more fat throughout the day. Ellipticals are wonderful machines to help you get in a workout that is easy on your joints while providing muscle toning and a cardio workout.

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Answers to All of Your Elliptical Questions

nordictrack fs5iThere are many different types of ellipticals on the market ranging in motion type, quality, technology, and price. For a first time buyer, the choices can be overwhelming and confusing. Without a little bit of research you may end up with a cheap machine that doesn’t last or a tricked-out machine that cost too much and is way more than you need. We’ve compiled this list of treadmill frequently asked questions to start you on your way to educated shopping. Explore the site for more detail on any of these topics.

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Sole Technology Review

e35-sole-ellipticalWe are always on the lookout for technology innovations that will benefit the user and provide a more effective workout. Sole Fitness recently released a major change in their newest models that does just this!

We spoke with company representative Wes Hill to learn about how Bluetooth technology improves upon some already pretty awesome machines. “The New Sole Fitness app is designed to monitor and record your workout data with all Sole Fitness equipment, which now includes an integrated Bluetooth 4.0 module that is compatible with most iOS and Android mobile devices,” he says.

Basically, this allows your elliptical to track your workout stats and communicate them wirelessly to your smart device. It’s very easy to use too!

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