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How to Get The Most From Every Breath

Breathing is important. You know that. But did you know your breathing can make a huge difference when you’re doing cardio?

Proper breathing can increase your performance during a workout and even help you deal with physical and mental stress.

The average person takes around 23,000 breaths per day. So why not get the most from every single inhalation?  That’s why we’ve decided to come up with these breathing tips to help you get the most from your cardio workout.

Now, let’s take a closer look…

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How 30 Minutes a Day Can Make a World of Difference

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro – Read our full review here.

We all know that cardiovascular exercise is super important. The American Heart Association tells us to get a minimum of 30 minutes per day to keep feeling young.  And doctors tell us that cardio saves lives!

But what if there’s more to the story? What if getting that cardio in each day has more benefits that you ever realized?

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What are the Risks of Exercising Outdoors in Poor Air Quality?

Exercising outdoors definitely has its perks!  Fresh air and Vitamin D from the sun can be refreshing after a day spent working inside.  However, it’s important to consider how fresh that air really is…

Are you breathing in air pollution during your run?

Since air quality can vary from day to day and between regions, here are some FAQs to make sure your outside time is helping and not hurting your fitness.

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“Age” is Just a Number: So Don’t Let It Hold You Back!

myths about age and exerciseA long list of excuses shouldn’t stop you from exercising after a certain age. Health and fitness are possible at ANY age and actually becomes more and more important as the years go by.

So, why do so many people just surrender at a certain point?

It all comes down to some long standing myths that people believe about exercise and aging.  And, we’re here to debunk those mis-beliefs!

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Don’t Let These Common Errors Stop You From Getting Your Best Workout!

common elliptical mistakesAn elliptical is a great way to get a total body in your own home. But just like any other exercise equipment, you have to make sure you’re using it properly to reap the benefits.

We’ve put together a list of common mistakes that people make on an elliptical that will not only lower the effectiveness of your workout, but can also lead to injury.

Avoiding these common blunders will ensure that you get the most out of every minute of your elliptical session.

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Avoid that Snooze Button and Give Yourself a Morning Jumpstart!

workout in the morningDespite the best of intentions, it can be hard to drag yourself out of bed when your alarm goes off so you can workout in the morning.

You hit the snooze button once…twice…three times and suddenly your morning time has been used up. Now it’s too late for a workout and you’re rushing out the door just to make it to work on time!

We have all been there…

But you don’t have to continue in that same vicious cycle.

Here are 7 energizing, clarifying, and healthy reasons to avoid the snooze button and jump onto the elliptical bright and early!

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Don’t Belief the ‘Fake News’ About Elliptical Trainers

Here at Fitness-Equipment-Source, we are passionate about educating people on the benefits of modern elliptical trainers.

So, let us help you out by debunking these 5 classic myths about elliptical trainers!

Myth #1 – Ellipticals are too easy

ProForm Endurance 520 E

ProForm Endurance 520 E – This is the lowest priced machine you’ll find on our recommended list.

Many people assume that a workout on an elliptical is not as effective as one on a treadmill, but this simply isn’t the case.

This study from the University of Nebraska shows that “when subjects exercise at the same RPE (rate of perceived exertion) on TM or EL, oxygen consumption and energy expenditure are similar in spite of a higher heart rate on the EL.”

The study shows us that “during cross training or noncompetition-specific exercise, an elliptical device is an acceptable alternative to a treadmill.”

This data also gives us another way to look at an elliptical workout. If you are maintaining the same heart rate on both the treadmill and the elliptical, the RPE on an elliptical will actually be lower.

In other words, you’re getting the same benefits, but it “feels” easier!

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Compact Ellipticals That Work in Small Spaces!

The SpaceSaver SE7i has a folding design – Read our full review here.

Apartment or small home owners living in a limited amount of square footage knows that space comes at a premium. Thankfully, elliptical machines can vary a great deal in size so you have options without sacrificing the features that make for a quality workout.

Factors to Consider

When choosing an elliptical for small spaces, stride length and height requirements are two things that have to be taken into consideration.

Stride Length – Your stride is directly affected by the weight and stability of your elliptical’s frame. Avoid machines with a flimsy or unstable frame as they often deliver a short, choppy stride. This is often the case with cheaper models (under $500) as they sacrifice the quality and weight of the frame for a lower priced product.

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Why It’s Not Always Best to “Rest” Away Pain 

For so many, back pain is a reality that affects every aspect of their lives. When you suffer from back pain it can feel like you just aren’t able to do anything.  It can make you feel like you aren’t yourself anymore.

While it may seem like lying down and staying comfortable until it “gets better” is the best option, that isn’t necessarily the case. Keeping yourself moving and doing cardiovascular exercise can help you feel stronger, healthier and more like yourself again.

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Learn the Smart Way to Use an Elliptical for Marathon Training 

indoor marathon training ellipticalTraining for a marathon takes dedication, perseverance, time and planning … lots of time and planning.

It’s easy to only focus on the physical training and conditioning that you need, but there are a lot of other factors that you have to consider. Forcing yourself outside and just logging the miles isn’t the only way to prepare and sometimes it isn’t even the best option.

Using an elliptical for indoor marathon training can give you the variety you need to reach your goals when pesky outside variables try to slow you down!

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