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Which Type of iFit Live Machine Is Best For Me?

‘Enabled, Compatible, Bluetooth, Ready’ –  Which One Is Right For Me?

ifit-live-tabletiFit is undoubtedly an awesome platform for those who want to track their fitness.  This system is available on machines like NordicTrack and ProForm that come from parent company Icon Fitness.  It allows you to run the world with Google Maps and create customized workout plans designed by top trainers like Jillian Michaels.  By using your online account and iFit Live machine, you can track progress towards your goals and enjoy more interesting workouts.

It can be a confusing one for potential customers.  Which type of iFit Live machine is the right one to buy?

We recently spoke with a NordicTrack representative to get their take on how to best distinguish between these models so you can get the machine that will work best for your goals.

Here’s the iFit Live Breakdown:

  • iFit Enabled(100% Ready to Go!) These are the most advanced of all iFit Live machines because they will allow you to access many of the iFit Live features directly on your machine’s console.  The representative explained, “They come ready to connect to a Wi-Fi network and most of these machines can display the Google Maps Street View right on the console.”  All you need to get started is a paid iFit account.
  • ifit-live-jillian-smiFit Compatible(WiFi module needed as separate purchase) The iFit Live compatible machines can also connect to your online account, but they will need a separate iFit Live Wi-Fi module in order to work correctly.  This module costs about $99.  This type of machine is good for those who think they may want to use iFit in the future, but are not ready to make the financial investment right off the bat.  It’s always good to have options, right?
  • iFit Bluetooth Enabled (Smart device needed to view visuals) The Bluetooth Enabled machines are similar to the Compatible machines except they do not need the additional Wi-Fi module.  Instead, this capability is built right into the machine.  Both of these second options do require an external smart device.  The representative explained, “You will need an iOS or Android device for the app, and you would view the street view there.”
  • iFit Coach Ready(Bluetooth capability built in.  Smart device MAY be needed depending on console.) These newer machines are now labeled as iFit Coach Ready.  This can be thought of like the Bluetooth Enabled machines.  The wifi capability is built right into the machine.  If the particular model does not have a smart display built into the console, then some sort of device (smart tablet or phone) will need to be used to view the iFit visuals while you workout.

Can You Get 1 Year of Free Membership?

Last year, when NordicTrack and ProForm announced they would require a 1-year membership purchase with each machine, people kind of freaked out.  Yes, it’s a great system, but no one wants to be forced to buy something.

They’ve backed off a bit on these requirements and now you can get many of their top machines with 1-year of FREE membership included with your purchase.  Now, THAT is something we can support!

Which One is Right For You?

ifit-live-2The type of iFit Live machine you purchase may depend on a wide variety of factors: motor size, deck size, brand, etc.  Price of course is always a consideration.  You may also want to consider whether you will actually use the iFit Live technology.  If it is something you can do without, then the iFit Compatible type is probably best for you.  You can always purchase the $99 module later on if you change your mind.

If you already have a smart device and are looking to save a bit of money on the initial purchase, than the iFit Bluetooth Enabled or iFit Coach Ready machines will work well.  Or, if you just want to have everything integrated and ready to go, then you should consider the iFit Enabled machines.

Regardless of which type you choose, you will be getting a great fitness tracking program.  To learn more about the benefits of iFit Live, check out NordicTrack and ProForm Ellipticals.

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