Getting the right elliptical for your body and budget!

Premium Features at an Unbeatable Price

This model is The 7.0 AE Elliptical from Horizon is an exciting option for those looking for both technology and performance with a price tag under $1000. The 7.0 AE provides the quality and comfort we have come to expect from Horizon products in a solid, built to last package.

The technology features on the 7.0 AE may not be the most extensive on the market, but the 7” LCD touchscreen is nothing to shake a stick at. The Advanced Bluetooth allows the 7.0 AE to sync with multiple devices on the speakers and the integrated tablet rack puts your entertainment right where you want it. All in all, the Horizon 7.0 AE offers durability, performance and an impressive array of features at a price you can’t beat.

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Horizon Fitness 7.0AE Elliptical Features

Ergonomic Design & Engineering – Horizon conducted research on elliptical trainer users to better understand what mechanical features they found most appealing.  From that research they came up with their “SixStar Frame”, which is comprised of six design features that create a very natural and comfortable workout.   We can’t emphasize enough the importance of proper ergonomic features in reducing aches and pains from exercise.  The SixStar features are…

  1. Smooth Elliptical Stride – The 7.0 AE uses a combination large drive pulley ratio and a heavy 23 lb. flywheel to create a smooth and efficient elliptical motion.
  2. Narrow Pedal Distance – One of the benefits of a front drive elliptical trainer is that you can place the pedals very close to each other, this reduces stress to your hips. Wide pedal separation can be particularly stressful to women.  The pedals on the 7.0 AE are about as close as you can get.
  3. Optimal Handlebar Spacing – Handlebars are at a 45 degree and are within easy reach. They are positioned where your hands would naturally be on your side.
  4. Straight Body Posture – Many elliptical trainers tend to force you to lean forward because of the positioning of your body over the mechanism. On the Horizon 7.0 AE your body is in an upright posture, resulting in more comfort and reducing the feeling of exhaustion.
  5. Natural Elliptical Stride – Rather than an oval, bouncy stride, you get a flat elliptical pattern that mimics running or walking on air.  This is also less stressful on your joints and lower back.
  6. Low Pedal Height – The pedals are easy to mount and dismount because of their low 10” height.  Many find mounting a rear drive elliptical to be awkward and difficult.

23 lb. Flywheel – While we already mentioned this as part of the “SixStar Frame’, this is a substantially heavier flywheel than other treadmills in this price range. This places the 7.0 AE a step above its competitors for smooth, steady use.

20” Stride Length – A 20” stride length is something that we expect to see in ellipticals over the $1000 mark, so it’s a nice surprise to find this feature on the 7.0 AE. This stride length makes the 7.0 AE comfortable for most users, regardless of height.

20 incline levels – Another great upgrade on the 7.0 AE is the incline feature. This is something that we don’t always see on other Horizon ellipticals. The incline feature allows users of all ability levels to get a wider variety of great workouts. This also allows you to focus on various muscle groups to tone and strengthen specific areas.

20 levels of magnetic resistance – This feature is a step-up from the Horizon entry-level model.  The resistance feature is another way to ensure that your workouts are varied and allows you to work a greater range of muscle groups.

194 lb. Unit Weight – Weighing in at 194 lbs. the 7.0 AE isn’t messing around, weighing more than some of the more expensive premium models. This means that not only are you guaranteed a wobble-free workout, the 7.0 AE can accommodate users up to 325 lbs.

7” LCD Touchscreen – This may not boast the 10” screens that we are seeing on a lot of newer models, but it’s still a definite step up from the LED displays on many models in this price range.

Advanced Bluetooth – This technology allows to you connect to multiple devices and stream media to the integrated speakers on the 7.0 AE. Plus, the free no-subscription app lets you push workout data to your favorite fitness apps and control your workout from your device. You can also be sure that you’ll never lose your tunes or entertainment during your workout with the fast-charge USB port.

6 Workout Programs – No matter what you are looking for from your workout, the 7.0 AE has a program suited to you.

Warranty – Lifetime frame & brakes, 3 year parts, 1 year generator & labor.

See a complete comparison chart of Horizon Ellipticals here.

Our Review – Horizon 7.0 AE Elliptical Review

The 7.0 AE maintains the high levels of quality, ease of use and performance that we have come to expect from Horizon products. Looking at the specs and features on the 7.0 AE one would very much expect to find a much higher price tag. In fact, the 7.0 AE offers many of the features that we see on the Evolve series machines, but the 7.0 AE is going to cost several hundred dollars less.  Horizon has really stepped up to the plate with the 7.0 AE in terms of performance and features.

The incline is an awesome addition that we don’t often see on Horizon models. This allows you to better tailor your sessions and work a larger range of muscle groups. The 23 lb. flywheel ensures that you get smooth use every time you step onto your machine. In addition, the heavy weight of that machine itself means that you will always feel solid and steady on your machine.

The 7.0 AE is also a great option for larger users, as it can accommodate a weight of up to 325 lbs. Tall users need not fear either, the 20” stride length means the 7.0 AE is comfortable for you too.

The technology features on the 7.0 AE may not be the most extensive on the market, but the 7” LCD touchscreen is nothing to shake a stick at. The Advanced Bluetooth allows the 7.0 AE to sync with multiple devices on the speakers and the integrated tablet rack puts your entertainment right where you want it. All in all, the Horizon 7.0 AE offers durability, performance and an impressive array of features at a price you can’t beat.

If you’re looking for a lower priced model, you may want to check out the Horizon EX-59.

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A Butt Busting Steep Mountain Hike Right In Your Home!

Sole SC300 Stepper

Sole SC300 Stepper

Sole Fitness has long been one of our favorite brands simply because they offer wonderful durability and solid machines.  Their Sole SC200 Stepper took many of the benefits of an elliptical combined with a stair stepper to provide a low stress workout for your lower body muscles.  Now, this newest model, the Sole SC300 Stepper, builds upon that success with new and improved features.

There are several advantages to the SC300 stepper.  First this machine has an even better warranty than the SC200 with a larger Bluetooth display and the same space-saving compact design.  Best of all, the SC300 Stepper now includes 20 levels of incline so that you can get a better workout right in your home.

Sole SC300 Stepper Features

Adjustable Incline Settings – The main advantage with the SC300 is the newly added adjustable incline feature.  This allows you to choose from 20 levels of incline to simulate anything from a rolling neighborhood stroll to a butt-busting steep climb up the side of a mountain.  Work your lower body muscles with less stress on your hips and knees.  Plus, this feature lets you get a more effective workout in a shorter amount of time.

Articulating / Adjustable Foot Pedals – We like that  the folks at Sole paid attention to the differences in people’s walking pattern and foot position.  The pedals on the SC300 are articulating and adjustable so you can enjoy a comfortable workout.

Sole Fitness SC300 Stepper Console

Sole Fitness SC300 Stepper Console

9″ LCD Display with Bluetooth – This machine comes with a larger 9″ display window compared to the 7.5″ window on the SC200.  It also has built in Bluetooth so you can link your machine to the free Sole Fitness app, track your workouts, and sync your stats with your favorite fitness apps.  Other brands may have a workout tracking feature that requires a monthly subscription.  We want to emphasize that the Sole Fitness app is FREE.

2-in-1 Design – The SC300 is a combination of an elliptical and a stair climber.  It is specifically designed to target your quad and glute muscles to shape and tone with less effort.

Strong Frame – The SC300 is an even stronger frame than the SC200, which means more durability and a better warranty.  It has a 350 lb weight capacity.

Programs – The SC300 Stepper comes with 10 pre-installed programs.  Nothing too fancy here.

Warranty – This strong warranty reflects the confidence that Sole has in their product.  The SC300 comes with Lifetime Frame, 5 years electronics and parts, and 2 years labor.  For comparison, the SC200 Stepper comes with Lifetime frame, 3 years electronics and parts, and 1 year labor.

Check out our complete comparison chart with all Sole Elliptical models.

Fitness Source SC300 Stepper Review

The SC300 Stepper’s incline feature is a great reason to consider spending around $400 more over the older SC200 Stepper model.  It will allow you to get a more effective workout with a shorter time commitment.

We also like that this machine now has a larger 9″ white backlit LCD display as compared to the SC200.  It includes Bluetooth technology so that you can reap the benefits of the free Sole Fitness app.  Track your workouts and sync with your favorite existing fitness apps like MyFitnessPal and Apple Health.

It also has a compact 56″ length frame that will save you space over a typical elliptical’s length of around 82″.

The Sole SC300 Stepper works along the same lines as the Bowflex Max Trainer and ProForm HIIT Trainers.  These other machines really focus on HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts, while the SC300 Stepper focuses more on a solid muscle toning session.  Still, these machines are all worth a look if you’re thinking about buying a hybrid.

The main reason you should consider Sole is because of their very strong warranty and solid reputation for durability and low maintenance.

Go to to learn more.

Not Great…But Okay

Merit 725 E Elliptical Trainer

When it comes to buying a new elliptical trainer, we tend to be snobs.  We like high quality machines with sturdy design, smooth motion, motivational programs, and effective features.  In general, the machines we like cost more than $599 and come from companies like ProForm or Horizon.

Still, there is certainly a need for lower quality machines like Merit.  This brand is perfect for people without any sort or remarkable requirements who just want an inexpensive machine to use for exercise.  These users may have a limited budget but want something that can help them get off the couch and back into a regular exercise routine.The Merit 725 E Elliptical Trainer is available to purchase from Amazon.

Merit is built by the same manufactures as Horizon Fitness.  This is a good company which offers quality customer service.  Merit is their budget machine line.

Here are some of the general features you’ll find on Merit Ellipticals

  • Merit 725E Console

    Front Drive Design – Front drive machines a nice because they take up a little less space in your home than the rear drive options.  They also have rollers that run on tracks that can contribute to noise and a rough motion if not done well.  We’ve found that the Merit ellipticals often start off with smooth motion, but develop creaks after several months.  This is especially a problem with larger individuals.

  • Light Flywheel – A light flywheel is a good indicator that the motion on the elliptical will not be silky smooth.  The Merit ellipticals have decent motion for the price. You won’t like the feel of this machine if you’re expecting the same quality as your local health club.  However, if you’re just looking for an inexpensive at-home option, this will work.
  • Merit 715 E Console

    Short Stride Length – The stride length on the Merit ellipticals is usually around 16″ and will work okay for petite people.  Anyone pushing 6-foot is going to feel cramped.

  • Lower Weight Capacity – This particular point should be emphasized.  The weight capacity is officially listed at 275 lbs for these machines, but we feel users should probably be under 200 lbs.  Otherwise, the ellipticals will rock and develop cracks.
  • Limited 5 Year Frame Warranty – A short warranty like this indicates that the company does not put a lot of faith in their products.  Most machines we recommend have Lifetime Warranties on their frames.
  • LCD Console Window with Basic Stats – These are basic consoles without any special fitness tracking programs.  You can get much higher quality tech consoles for just a few hundred dollars more. Worth the investment.

Our Review – Merit Elliptical Trainers

These ellipticals are usually priced around $300 and you get what you pay for.  However, we would say that they are worth the money.  You’ll get a usable machine that will last you 1-3 years.  It’s not going to work well for larger or taller individuals, but smaller folks should be okay.  In fact, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of positive reviews for the Merit machines.

You might consider spending just a few hundred dollars more and looking at brands like Horizon and ProForm.  You’ll get MUCH better machines with longer warranties, better tech, higher quality components, and smoother action.

Merit Elliptical Trainer Reviews:

Merit 715E Elliptical Trainer

Merit 725E Elliptical Trainer

The Merit 725 E Elliptical Trainer is available to purchase from Amazon.

May Work if You’re a Petite Person

The Merit 715E Elliptical is an extremely inexpensive machine that may work well for certain users.  Honestly, we were surprised by the number of positive reviews we found from customers.  If you are a petite person who wants to exercise at home without investing a lot of money, then you may be perfectly happy with this machine.  We should add that it is not very high quality.  Users have found that the machine will last for a few years but does not work well for heavier users.

Currently, this model is unavailable on Amazon, but you may want to check out a slightly more expensive model in the Merit 725E which IS available on Amazon for around $280.  Otherwise,  you may find models of the Merit 715E floating around the fitness world and available for purchase.  The Merit brand is made by the same makers as Horizon Fitness.

Let’s take a look at what you’re getting on the Merit 715E Elliptical.

  • Front Drive Design – The entire machine weighs only around 100 lbs.  This means it will not be incredibly steady while you workout.  We’d recommend this machine only for petite, lightweight individuals.
  • 10 lb Flywheel – The motion on this machine is not near as smooth as more expensive models.
  • 8 Manual Resistance Levels – Sure, this works fine.
  • 16″ Stride Length – This stride length will work well for people under 5’5″.  That’s why we recommend this machine for petite users.  Anyone over 6’0″ is going to feel very cramped.
  • 2 LCD Windows with time, distance, speed, and calories – Nothing fancy.
  • 275 lb weight capacity – We can’t stress this enough.  This machine is NOT for larger users.  In fact, even this weight limit is too high.  We’d recommend this machine for people under 200 lbs.
  • 5 year Frame Warranty – This is a short warranty to indicate that the manufacturers did not use high quality parts. Machines that we recommend almost always come with a lifetime warranty on the frame.
  • No Water Bottle Holder – The photos for this machine often show a water bottle, but it is not actually on the machine.

Our Review – The Merit 725 E Elliptical Trainer

If you are a small person, you may be perfectly happy with this machine.  Also check out the Merit 725E available on Amazon.  We actually recommend that you spend just a few hundred dollars more for a Horizon EX59 or ProForm Endurance 520E.  These machines will be made of higher quality components, include workout tracking technology, better warranties, and last MUCH longer.

The Merit 725E is available for sale on Amazon.  The Merit 715E is not currently available for sale on Amazon.

The Very Best in Adaptive Motion Technology!

The Precor AMT 885 Adaptive Motion machine is the very best when it comes to a freestride motion machine.  This innovative design is going to create a pattern based on your body’s motion and exertion.  You can easily switch between a stride length of 0″ all the way up to 36″.  The AMT 885 will also let you adjust the height of your stride from 6.8 to 10″.

This really is a premier machine from a top manufacturer.  Unfortunately, the price reflects this leap in quality.  In order to bring this machine into your home, you will need to pay over $12,000.  For many, this price is too restrictive.  However, we would recommend that you also check out the NordicTrack Freestride Trainer machines.  They have a similar adaptive motion design and cost much less.


Precor AMT 885 Adaptive Motion Trainer Sale!
The Precor AMT 885 Adaptive Motion Trainer on sale for $12,395.
You should also check out the NordicTrack Freestride Trainers for a similar machine design and MUCH lower price!
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Precor is a premier brand with high attention to detail, innovative designs, and obsessive quality control.  We’ve always been quite pleased with their customer service and impressed with their equipment.

The AMT 885 is a unique design with adaptive motion technology.  This means that the machine is going to adjust its pattern to match your body.  You can effortless adjust the stride length and height to vary your workout motion.  This will allow you to work all of the muscles in your lower body.  If you like the concept of an AMT machine, you may also want to check out the AMT 833 and AMT 835 for a lower price.  Or, the NordicTrack Freestride Trainers offer a similar design, although not up to this level of quality, for a MUCH lower price.

Things that we liked about the Precor AMT 885 Adaptive Motion Trainer

  • When you’re talking about quality – it simply does not get any better than this!  This is a solid and stable machine that will last and last.  It is built from well-designed components that are backed by a 10 year warranty.
  • Working out on this machine is truly unique.  You will love how the stride length and height adapt to your body’s motion.  You will be able to easily transition from long ground-covering strides, to short up-and-down type motions.  This will help you make the most of your workout and target ALL of your lower body muscles.
  • The motion controls on this machine are very intuitive to use.
  • The dual action design will allow you to work out your upper body as well.
  • The AMT 885 comes with a 15″ Touchscreen console capable of guiding you through your workout.  It is highly customizable in 9 different languages.  It comes with a variety of exercise programs including weight loss, fat burning, manual rolling hills, peak climbing, intervals, 5K and more.

Things that we didn’t like about the Precor AMT 885 Adaptive Motion Trainer

  • There’s honestly not much we can complain about with this machine.  It’s pretty spectacular.  You just need to decide if you are willing to spend this much on a piece of exercise equipment.
  • For those who like the idea of an adaptive motion machine but aren’t able to afford $12,000, you should definitely check out the much lower priced options from NordicTrack.  Their Freestride Trainers operate under the same basic design with interactive fitness tracking technology included.

The Motion Adapts to Your Body

Our team tested out the Precor AMT Adaptive Motion Trainers at a health club and were totally impressed.  They are extremely expensive machines but you can be sure they offer some serious value.  The Precor AMT 833 is worth the price for sure.  Now, you just need to decide if you have a spare $8,000 laying around that you are ready to hand over.


Precor AMT 833 Adaptive Motion Trainer Sale!
The Precor AMT 833 Adaptive Motion Trainer on sale for $8,295.
You should also check out the NordicTrack Freestride Trainers for a similar machine design and MUCH lower price!
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We’ve toured the Precor corporate headquarters and must say that it’s an impressive facility.  This is a company that is extremely watchful when it comes to quality control.  They are always working to create the very best product.  Plus, we’ve found the phone customer support staff to be extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

The AMT 833 Adaptive Motion Trainer is a unique machine that adjusts the stride length and height based on your body’s motion.  Instead of a set pattern (like most ellipticals), this machine will adapt to your body’s motion for walking, running, short, or long strides.  There is also an AMT 835 and AMT 885 with additional features.

Things that we liked about the Precor AMT 833 Adaptive Motion Trainer

  • The adaptive movement design will respond to your body’s motion to create the perfect stride pattern.  A normal elliptical has a set path that limits your ability to work lower body muscles.  With this machine, you can change your motion at will.  For example, you can do deep lunges to work your glutes/hip flexors/calves, short strides to work your quads, mid-range strides for hamstrings/glutes, or low-range strides for a more comprehensive lower body workout.
  • You can easily adjust your stride from 0 to 36 inches!  Again, this far exceeds a standard elliptical.  Normally, your stride length would be limited to around 20″.  This type of machine will help you burn calories more efficiently.
  • The motion controls are easy to use and intuitive.
  • Dual action will let you workout your upper body muscles.
  • The console is well designed and shows your degrees of exertion, heart rate, calorie burn, and peak performance zone.
  • Solid and stable design.  This machine isn’t going anywhere during your use.

Things that we didn’t like about the Precor AMT 833 Adaptive Motion Trainer

  • The stride height on this machine is not adjustable like on the AMT 835 and AMT 885 models.
  • The warranty on this machine only has 1 year on labor, which is not the best.  However, the parts have a warranty of 10 years to indicate that they seldom need replaced.
  • The price may be restrictive for some buyers.  If you like the idea of an adaptive motion machine, but don’t have $8,000, you may be interested in the NordicTrack Freestride Trainers for a similar design and MUCH lower price.

Based on a Popular Health Club Model – It’s Even Better!

c3388pcs-flexstrider-arctic-silver-explore-lThe Life Fitness Platinum Club Series FlexStrider is a variable stride trainer that lets you adjust your stride length easily mid-way through your workout.  Imagine switching instantly from a slow easy jog to a large ground covering run.  It is possible with this unique machine.  The Platinum Club Series FlexStrider has been designed with ergonomics in mind to give you a very natural and authentic ‘running’ experience.  The FlexStrider also has a FitPower Display, over-sized pedals and heart rate monitoring.

As with all of Life Fitness’s machines, the quality construction and superior feel will justify the price.  It is up to you to decide if you can afford the $9,000 price tag for a piece of workout equipment.

Life Fitness Platinum Club Series FlexStrider Sale!
The Life Fitness Platinum Club Series FlexStrider typically sells for $9,999.
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Alternative Recommendation: NordicTrack ACT Commercial 10

Features on the Life Fitness Club Series FlexStrider

The FlexStrider includes programs for manual goals, random hill, hills and rolling hills.  It also has front wheels for easier mobility if you need to move the machine around.  The FitPower Display combines your speed, resistance, and stride length to calculate a total energy output of the user.  This machine lets you instantly switch stride length from 0-36″ with the press of a button.  The pedals are located close together to minimize hip discomfort.

Things We Like:

  • This is a really cool machine to use.  It really does feel more like you’re running than any other machine we’ve tried.  We like the ability to switch from 0-36″ stride length.
  • The FitPower Display helps the user figure out if they are really pushing the limits with their chosen settings.  It’s a useful feature.
  • We liked that the resistance controls are located within easy reach on the moving handlebars.
  • There are three console options with this machine.  The Discover SE3 has a 16″ touchscreen with Android/Apple compatibility, TV, Internet, Bluetooth, Interactive courses, Integrated Apps, 42 Workouts, 8 Custom Workouts, and limitless user profiles.  The Discover SI has a 10″ touchscreen without the TV.  The Explore console has a 7″ non-touchscreen without workouts or user profiles.
  • This machine has it all:  Integrated reading rack, Smartphone accessory tray, Wireless Internet, Heart Rate monitoring, Floor Mat… etc…etc… There is nothing to miss here.
  • The machine is 564 lbs so it is STURDY.  It does have wheels but we suggest you don’t plan to move it often.

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Let’s be real for a second.  This is an AWESOME machine, but it costs $9,000.  That’s as much as some would pay for a car.  It’s got a ton of great features and comes from a great company.  So if you’re got the cash – there’s really nothing bad we can say about this machine.

Also see the Life Fitness Club Series Elliptical Review.

Based on a Popular Health Club Model – It’s Even Better!

platinumclubseriesThe Life Fitness Platinum Club series elliptical is similar to the basic Club Series Elliptical with the addition of some serious tech on the console.  They also added an option to select the color of your ellipticals frame. A choice of 3 consoles includes the Explore, Discover SI or Discover SE3 options.  The top SE3 console has a beautiful LCD touchscreen display.

Life Fitness machines are some of the very top machines in the industry.  After testing one you will understand that they are really in a league of their own in terms of quality, smooth motion, and ergonomics.  Unfortunately, their price tag reflects this high level of quality.  If you have the money, you can’t go wrong with one of these Life Fitness machines.

Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Elliptical Sale!
The Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Elliptical typically sells for $4,299.
Shop Now at
Alternative Recommendation: Vision S70

Features on the Life Fitness Club Series Elliptical

The Platinum Club Series from Life Fitness is a durable design with a variety of entertainment options.  Each of the 3 console options comes with Bluetooth technology to connect your media mid-workout.  The 16″ Discover SE3 and 10″ SI tablet consoles let you stay entertained while you track your progress towards your fitness goals.  The 7″ Explore console has a QuickNav dial for easy navigation through your workout stats.

Things We Like:

  • We really like the choice of consoles for the Platinum Club Series machine.  The sheer size of the 16″ Discover SE3 console is astounding!  The Discover SE3 console also has Android / Apple compatibility, TV, Internet, Bluetooth Interactive Courses, Integrated Apps, up to 42 Workouts, up to 8 Custom Workouts and limitless user profiles.  The Discover SI has a 10″ screen and the Explore has a 7″ LCD Non-Touch Screen.platinum-club-series-ellipticals_consoles
  • Choose what color you’d like your machine’s frame to be with four color options: Arctic Silver, Black Onyx, Diamond White, and Titanium Storm.
  • This machine comes with a choose of three levels of warranty: Standard, 3-year extended, and 5-year extended.
  • The resistance controls are located on the moving bullhorns for easy adjustment.
  • Like its younger brother, the Club Series, the Platinum Club Series has extremely smooth and comfortable motion.  It has been designed ergonomically to mimic the motion of your body and reduce stress on your joints.
  • This machine has a variety of programs to try even including a Fit Test and US Navy PRT test!
  • The Platinum Club Series Elliptical has an integrated reading rack and smart phone tray.
  • The unit weight is 452 lbs so it is a STURDY machine.  Just don’t plan to move it once you have it placed in your home.

Things We Don’t Like:

  • This machine is a bit of a space hog at 88.1″ length.  It may not fit well in all homes.
  • The stride length of 20″ will be comfortable for most users, but we were disappointed that it doesn’t have adjustable stride lengths for this price.
  • The price on this machine is pretty high.  You’re getting an awesome machine, but you’re certainly paying for it.

Remember that Life Fitness Machines are built for people who are serious about getting the best workout available!

Also see the Life Fitness Club Series Elliptical Review.

A Popular Health Club Model in Your Own Home

club-series-elliptical-cross-trainer-clsx-mThe Life Fitness Club Series Elliptical may seem familiar to you.  It is present in health clubs across our country and enjoyed by thousands of users!  Now you can have this same great quality, power and durability in your own home.  The Club Series from Life Fitness features an extremely durable design and rear-drive system.  Choose from three levels of warranties for your premium machine.

You should know that Life Fitness focuses entirely on strong ergonomic design and quality construction.  This means their machines are designed to mimic the motion of your body and reduce joint stress.  It also means that their machines are not filled with fancy interactive tech features.  If you are a person that just cares about getting down to business – then Life Fitness is a good fit for you!

Life Fitness Club Series Elliptical Sale!
The Life Fitness Club Series Elliptical typically sells for $4,299.
Shop Now at
Alternative Recommendation: Vision S70

Features on the Life Fitness Club Series Elliptical

The Club Series Elliptical from Life Fitness is a classic and popular machine.  It comes with a cup holder, standard moving arms, a 20″ stride length, over-sized non-slip pedals and 10″ step-up height.  The Club Series can handle users up to 350 lbs and includes Whisper Stride technology.

Things We Like:

  • This is a powerhorse machine.  It will last you for a LONG time.  The 235 lb machine weight will provide a solid base for users up to 350 lbs.
  • Heart rate sensors are located on the moving arms so you don’t need to adjust your grip to check your heart rate.  This machine also includes a wireless chest strap if you prefer.
  • Choose the level of warranty you’d like to pay for.  Your options are a Standard Warranty, 3-Year Extended, or 5-Year Extended.
  • We like the classic design and sturdiness of this machine.  It is designed to mimic the motion of your body and reduce stress on your body’s joints.  The elliptical path feels very natural and fluid.
  • This machine can work both your upper and body evenly.  There is a stationary bar to hang on to if you are planning to focus on your legs and glutes.
  • WhisperStride Technology – This is a super silent machine.  The ball bearings are specially designed to reduce friction and provide smooth motion.

Things We Don’t Like:

  • The Club Series Elliptical does not come with any entertainment or connectivity options.  You will need to use a regular old TV if you want to watch your favorite shows while you workout.

This machine is really all about getting down to business.  If you are less focused on fancy interactive features…and more focused on just sweating…then this machine is perfect for you!

Also see the Life Fitness E5 Elliptical Review.

A Commercial Quality Machine with Adjustable Stride

e5-elliptical-crosstrainer-go-lWe kept hoping we’d see adjustable stride with the E1 and E3 Ellipticals from Life Fitness.  Finally, here it is.. the perfect package!  The E5 Elliptical is a premium machine that sells at a premium price.  You can be confident that any purchase from Life Fitness is going to last for the long haul.  You just need to decide if you can cough up the bucks to make the initial purchase!

Life Fitness E5 Elliptical Sale!
The Life Fitness E5 Elliptical typicall sells for $4,299.
Shop Now at
Alternative Recommendation: Vision S70

Features on the Life Fitness E5 Elliptical

The adjustable stride on the E5 Elliptical is the feature we want to highlight since it is not available on the lower E1 and E3 models.  The stride can adjust from 18-24″ at the touch of a button.  This feature is extremely useful if you have multiple users of various heights using the machine.  With single stride length machines, someone is always going to be a little bit uncomfortable.  Plus, switching up the stride lengths can help you target different muscle groups in your legs!

Things We Like:

  • The adjustable stride length is awesome…LOVE IT!
  • This machine has a smooth and natural elliptical motion like all rear-drive ellipticals from Life Fitness.
  • The E5 comes with sophisticated heart rate monitoring.  It includes a wireless chest strap.
  • Use Activity Zones to gain motivation and guidance through different motivating workouts.  We like how this coaching program includes Total Body Trainer and Leg Sculptor Modes.

Things We Don’t Like:

  • The price is a bit high on this machine.  Yes, it’s an awesome machine.  Yes, it will last you forever.  But do you really need to spend $4,000 on an elliptical?  You should consider some lower priced machines before you settle on this option.

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