Getting the right elliptical for your body and budget!

A Machine with Consistently High Customer Reviews

I’ve been a Schwinn elliptical trainer fan for years.  They have consistently built some of the best budget ellipticals in the market.  The Schwinn 470 and Schwinn 430 are perfect examples.  For an elliptical costing only $600 you get a stable machine with a reasonable smooth elliptical stride that is reasonably durable. With both of these models the customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Recently Schwinn ventured into the low end of the budget crosstrainer market with the Schwinn A40 elliptical.  The one feature that makes it stand out over the competition is the 17.5″ elliptical stride.  Most low-end ellipticals come with a 16″ or less stride lengths.  You end up with a very choppy motion that tends to me more oval than elliptical.  However, even with the 17.5″ stride length taller users may find it too short.

Although the Schwinn A40 may be one of the best values at the bargain price at under $600, it has some limitations that as a potential customer you should be aware of.

Schwinn A40 Sale!
The Schwinn A40 Elliptical Trainer is selling for $590 at Amazon, where you can also read favorable customer reviews. While this is a great machine, we suggest considering the Horizon EX-59 instead.
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Light Unit Weight – The shipping weight is listed as 106 lbs., so you can imagine the unit weight is somewhere around 95 lbs.  That is very light for a machine that has to stabilize both an upper and lower body motion.  In fact, if you watch the video demonstration you can actually see the Schwinn A40 rocking as it is being used.  They rate the user limit at 275 lbs.  The person in the video is not anywhere near that heavy, and is exercising moderately.  Be aware that the light weight will impact the stability.

8 Levels of Resistance – Most ellipticals will have a minimum of 16 levels of resistance.  With 8 you’ll notice a substantial change in the resistance from one level to the next.

Front Drive Design – I’m concerned about the overall design of the Schwinn A40.  Typically with a front drive design elliptical trainer you have wheels running over rails.  In the case of the A40 you have a single wheel running on a single rail.  With the Sole front drive ellipticals you have dual wheels running on dual rails to guarantee stability.  The design of the Schwinn A40 is similar to the more expensive Schwinn 420 and 430, and they have managed to maintain a solid feel for the long-term.  However, I have been on cheap front drive machines with the same design as the Schwinn A40, and after regular use both the footpedals and the upper body handles tend to loosen up.   I’m projecting into the future, and I could be wrong.

WarrantyUsually at this price you get 90-days parts and labor coverage.  The Schwinn A40 comes with 6 months parts and 30 day wear parts warranty.  They do not mention anything about labor.  Not sure what the wear parts refers to, since any part of the elliptical can wear.  If you plan to purchase the Schwinn A40, I would consider an extended warranty with labor coverage.

Other issues are the LCD display.  It is hard to read, and in fact it was one of the major complaints by customers.  Also the fan hardly kicks out any breeze.

Our Review – Schwin A40 Elliptical Trainer

My recommendation is if you can afford it go with the Schwinn 430.  It has a proven track record as one of the most stable and durable elliptical trainers for under $800.  If you can’t afford the Schwinn 430 the A40 is a decent alternative with limitations.  The 17.5″ elliptical stride is a plus, but the stability and potential durability are drawbacks.  Regardless, the majority of customers gave the Schwinn A40 positive reviews, suggesting this is one of the best values under $600.

Bring Your Fitness Home… Affordably!

carbon ex

ProForm Carbon EX Elliptical

What makes the Carbon EX elliptical so attractive to buyers? The Carbon EX is a slight upgrade from it’s sibling in the Carbon series, the Carbon EL elliptical.

Both of these machines are great options for budget ellipticals, but the EX has some awesome features that we don’t see often on machines in this price range such as a full-color display screen, and a roomy 19″ power adjustable stride. The Carbon EX also comes iFit enabled. 

Another reason the Carbon EX is a great choice is that it’s in stock. Due to increased demand with COVID-19, we are seeing many ellipticals out of stocks for months, particularly in this affordable price range. An example of the demand for $999 ellipticals is the popular Sole E25. According to the Sole website, estimated arrival of the Sole E25 after purchase is 60 days.

ProForm has a great reputation in the fitness world, and for a good reason. It’s parent company, a manufacturer known as Icon Fitness, is one of the biggest fitness equipment manufacturers in the world. They are known for producing high quality fitness equipment. 

Although the Carbon EX is offered at a budget price point, don’t let it fool you. Coming from a brand like ProForm, you are sure to get a solid piece of equipment. 

Check out a comparison chart of all ProForm ellipticals here.

The ProForm Carbon EX is available for just $999 with FREE shipping, or pay just $56/month with 0% financing for up to 18 months. 

Shop for the ProForm Carbon EX at

ProForm Carbon EX Features

20° Power Adjustable Ramp – Adjust your incline up to 20 degrees to target a variety of muscles during your workout. 

6″ High Contrast Display  – A full color, high-contrast display screen is a great feature on an elliptical at this price point. It’s slightly bigger than the 5″ screen on the Carbon EL. 

carbon ex 19″ Power Adjustable Stride – The stride on the Carbon EX can be re positioned to find the best fit and most comfortable fit for you.

20 lb. Flywheel – A heavier flywheel will give a smoother feel during your workout. This is a great feature for the price point, and 5 lbs. heavier than the Carbon EL. 

Warranty – Consists of 10-year frame, 2-year parts and 1-year labor. This is a good warranty for this price. 

Front Drive Design – The Carbon EX features a front drive design. Learn more about Front Drive vs. Rear Drive in our article here.

20 Resistance Levels – 20 SMR™ (Silent Magnetic Resistance) digital resistance levels will help you progress during your workout while keeping your noise levels down.

iFit Ready – iFit is a training technology from Icon Fitness (ProForm and NordicTrack). iFit offers interactive training sessions, fitness tracking, and workout classes. The Carbon EX elliptical comes iFit enabled, however you will have to pay an additional monthly fee for an iFit subscription, which is usually around $40/month. If you want an elliptical with iFit already included in the price, you may want to check out the ProForm Carbon E7 elliptical. The E7 comes with 3-year iFit subscription included in the price of the machine.

    Other Features…

    • Soft Touch Upper Body Grips
    • EKG Grip Pulse Sensor
    • Adjustable Oversized Cushioned Pedals
    • Audio Auxiliary Port with (2) 2″ Speakers
    • Tablet Holder
    • Water Bottle Holder

    Note: The weight capacity on the ProForm Carbon EX is 325 lbs. 

    Our Review – ProForm Carbon EX Elliptical Trainer

    The ProForm Carbon EX elliptical has great features for the price point. Although iFit technology is not included with this machine, you can still get great, diverse workouts with features like adjustable ramp, and many resistance levels.

    The Carbon EX does not come stocked with a ton of extras that you may find on pricier machines, but it does have the basics that you need to get an effective workout in the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for an affordable machine to up your fitness routine, look no further than the ProForm Carbon EX.

    Note: Fully assembled dimensions are  25” W x 68.5” D x 67.75” H.

    Learn more at

    High Quality for Budget Price!

    proform carbon EL

    ProForm Carbon EL Elliptical

    Why should you consider the new ProForm Carbon EL?  First, it is one of the better ellipticals at the competitive $799 price range.  It offers features typically not available at this price range, like being iFit enabled, having a full color display and offering a wide, comfortable 19” adjustable stride.

    Another attractive feature is that it is in stock.  With the advent of Covid 19 the fitness industry is struggling with keeping up with the demand of home cardio machines. We have seen many of the most popular machines out of stock for months, and this is particularly true for machines under $999. There are few quality ellipticals at that price range that are currently in stock. 

    ProForm is a brand under the company Icon Fitness. Icon is the largest manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world. Since they are such a large manufacturer, they produce on a larger scale.

    What this means for the consumer is that you can usually get more bang for your buck with brands such as ProForm and NordicTrack, who is also a part of Icon Fitness. This machine doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that you will find on the higher price range ellipticals from ProForm. However, for a budget price, you still get some pretty decent features.

    Check out a comparison chart of all ProForm ellipticals here.

    The ProForm Carbon EL is available for just $699, or pay just $18/month with 0% financing for up to 39 months. Free shipping and a 30-day money guarantee! 

    In response to demand, many manufacturers have increased the price of fitness machines. This is a great deal! 
    Shop for the ProForm Carbon EL at

    ProForm Carbon EL Features

    20° Adjustable Ramp with 5 Positions – You can quickly adjust between 5 different incline positions to target different muscle groups and get a more effective workout.

    5″ High Contrast Display  – A full color, high contrast display screen on a machine in this price range is not a feature to overlook. 

    carbon EL19″ Power Adjustable Stride – 20″ stride is what most users report as the most comfortable. In this price range, we usually see an 18″ stride so 19″ is pretty good.

    15 lb. Flywheel – The weight of  flywheel determines the smoothness of the elliptical motion. The heavier the flywheel, the better. This weight will not give you as smooth of a workout as higher end machines, but it’s decent for the price point.

    Warranty – Consists of 10-year frame, and 1-year parts and labor, which is pretty standard for this price range.

    Front Drive Design – The Carbon EL features a front drive design. Learn more about Front Drive vs. Rear Drive in our article here.

    18 Resistance Levels – 18 digital resistance levels will ensure you get a great workout, as you progress from easy to difficult. They feature SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance to keep your noise to a minimum. 

    iFit Ready – iFit is a signature training technology found on machines from Icon Fitness (ProForm and NordicTrack). The Carbon EL elliptical comes iFit enabled, however you will have to pay an additional monthly fee for an iFit subscription, which is usually around $40/month. If you want an elliptical with iFit already included in the price, you may want to check out the ProForm Carbon E7 elliptical. The E7 comes with 3-year iFit subscription included in the price of the machine.

      Other Features…

      • Soft Touch Upper Body Grips
      • Oversized Pedals
      • Audio Auxiliary Port with (2) 2″ Speakers
      • Tablet Holder
      • Water Bottle Holder

      Note: The weight capacity on the ProForm Carbon EL is 300lbs. 

      Our Review – ProForm Carbon EL Elliptical Trainer

      Carbon ELThe ProForm Carbon EL is a great machine for the price point. There aren’t many ellipticals out there in this price range. This machine may not have all the fancy features, but it will get the job done and you can get a great workout right in your home.

      If you can afford $200 more, you may want to take a look at the Carbon EX in their Carbon elliptical series. It’s very similar to the EL, but it does have a few upgraded features such as a 6″ screen, 20 lb. flywheel, and 20 resistance levels.

      Note: Fully assembled dimensions are 25” W x 68.5” D x 67.75” H.

      To learn more, visit

      Exercise Smarter, Not Harder with Interactive Training

      The NordicTrack Commercial 9.9 Elliptical comes packed with some awesome features, at a great price point. NordicTrack is well-known in the industry for producing top notch equipment. T9.9he Commercial 9.9 allows you to get the benefits of having a personal trainer, while exercising on your elliptical in the comfort of your own home.

      This machine offers you Live Interactive Training through a technology called iFit. During your workout, your trainer will be able to digitally adjust your incline and resistance as they see fit. With all the options provided to you on this machine, you’ll never have a boring workout, and you’ll be able to achieve maximum results.

      Note: At the time of this review, the NordicTrack Commerical 9.9 comes with a 30 day iFit trial.

      The NordicTrack Commercial 9.9 is priced at $1,199 + $199 threshold delivery.Shop Now at

      NordicTrack Commercial 9.9 Elliptical Trainer Features

      7″ Smart HD Touchscreen — This full color display lets you access everything iFit has to offer, right at your fingertips!

      iFit Ready — The best thing about the Commercial 9.9 machine is iFit technology. You no longer have to pay for a gym membership, a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and commute back and forth to prioritize your fitness. iFit allows you to crush your goals right from the comfort of your own home, with just you and your elliptical. Some of the top iFit features include:

      • Huge Workout Library: You’ll never get bored with the large variety of video workouts available for you to stream anytime.
      • World-Class Trainers: The trainers with iFit are professionals personal trainers.
      • Live-Interactive Training: Your trainer can control your resistance and incline during your workout to ensure you are pushing yourself to achieve your goals. It’s one less thing you have to worry about!
      • Google Maps: With Google Map technology enabled, you can take your workout ALL over the globe!
      • Personal Lifestyle Coaching: Receive coaching in the areas of exercise, nutrition, activity, and sleep.

      25 lb. Flywheel — This is a decent size flywheel. The heavier the flywheel, the better. Heavier flywheels make for a smoother stride on your machine.

      Adjustable Stride Length 9-9— You can personalize your stride with the adjustable ramp and pedals, to intensify your workout and target specific muscles.

      0-20% Incline, 22 Resistance Levels — Be prepared to take your workout to the next level with these incline and resistance capabilities.

      Front Drive —The front drive design is more compact, easier to mount/dismount, and places less stress on your hips. Read more about Rear Drive vs. Front Drive here.

      Comfort Features — The Commercial 9.9 was built with user comfort in mind with features like an AutoBreeze workout fan, SoftTouch handle bar grips, and OneTouch user controls.

      Sound System — Play your favorite workout jams through Bluetooth enabled 2” digitally amplified speakers. 

      350 lb. User Weight Limit — This is one of the highest weight limits that we find on ellipticals.

      Warranty —10-Year Frame Warranty, 2-Year Parts Warranty, 1-Year Labor Warranty. This is decent coverage for the price range.

      Our Review – NordicTrack Commercial 9.9 Elliptical Trainer

      This elliptical has great incline and resistance capabilities, so even though you’re working out at home, you’re still going to get an effective workout in. c9.9

      To step up the game even more, iFit comes into play providing you with an extensive video workout library, and personal training as well as lifestyle coaching. Overall, the Commercial 9.9 machine provides some really solid features for the price range.

      A similar machine to consider from NordicTrack is the Commercial 12.9. It has all the features we like from the 9.9, but it comes with 10″ touchscreen, and a heavier flywheel. Also, see a full comparison chart of NordicTrack Ellipticals here.

      Go to to learn more.*

      Three Machines in One


      The NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer FS10i is an awesome machine in their FreeStride Trainer series. The FreeStride series is unlike anything else on the market, as it combines the benefits of a treadmill, stepper, and an elliptical all into one machine. This breakthrough in cross training innovation provides variable motion while exercising and promotes “muscle confusion”—leading to a much more efficient workout.

      When our team visited NordicTrack’s headquarters, we were able to view some of their FreeStride line first-hand. As we mentioned, the FreeStride series contains other models. In the FreeStride Trainer Series you can also find the FS14i model.


      ON SALE! The NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer FS10i is reduced to $1,799 plus a $199 threshold delivery fee. Financing is available. Also, check out the Sole E95S elliptical. Rated a “Best Buy” for durability and performance.
       Shop the FS10i

      Exercise Features – FreeStride Trainer FS10i

      FS10i Variable MotionVariable Motion — The FreeStride Trainer FS10i combines the benefits of a stepper, elliptical, and treadmill which imitates a more natural motion while exercising. When using a standard treadmill or elliptical, your body is limited to a set range during exercise. With the FreeStride series, the variable motion allows “muscle confusion” with the variation in your motions. By combining the motions of 3 machines in 1, more muscles are able to be engaged during a workout to make the most of your results.

      Auto-Adjusting Stride — A major benefit of the FS10i is the auto-adjusting stride length. The technology of the FS10i intuitively follows your movements during the workout, and auto-adjusts to you. The machine is capable of up to a 32” stride length, so it’s appropriate for users of most height ranges.

      iFit Interactions iFit is an innovative patented technology available from NordicTrack. The newest iFit feature enabled with the FreeStride Trainer FS10i is LIVE Resistance and Incline Control. Live Interactions allows you to focus on your workout, while your iFit trainer adjusts the incline and resistance of your machine for you. The only thing you focus on—is crushing your workout.

             Other iFit Features Include….

        • Live Personal Trainers and Classes: Select your favorite coach from NordicTrack’s lineup with an array of fitness classes available.
        • Personalized Fitness Tracking: You can enter your fitness goals as well as track your workouts, sleep, and calories.
        • Customized Workout Schedules: iFit provides customized workout schedules based on your fitness goals.
        • Personalized Meal Plan Recommendations: Based on your activity tracking in the app, iFit recommends meal plans that align with your fitness goals.
      • Note: At the time of this posting, the FS10i comes with a FREE 30-day trial iFit Membership with your initial purchase.  This is a great value!

      Mechanical Features

      10″ Smart HD Touchscreen — This is a generous size display screen where you can view your workout stats and tackle your favorite workout class with iFit.Fs10i console

      20 Lb. Effective Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel —The heavier weight of the flywheel on this machine will provide a more natural feel while exercising.

      OneTouch® Controls — This console is easy to navigate and has 24 digital resistance levels.

      Center Drive — The center drive design provides greater stability and reduces the size of the frame. Since the mechanics are located in the center rather than the front or the rear, it’s more compact.

      Incline — The FS10i features 0-10% incline. If you’re looking for incline AND decline capabilities, check out the FS14i model.

      Warranty — You get a fairly standard coverage that includes  10-year frame, 2- year parts, 1-year labor.

      Additional Features Include

      • Bluetooth Audio Capabilities
      • Two 2” Digitally Amplified Speakers
      • AutoBreeze Workout Fan
      • Oversized Cushion Pedals
      • SoftTouch Upper Body Grips
      • Water Bottle Holder
      • Transport Wheels

      See a comparison chart of all NordicTrack Elliptical trainers here.

      FreeStride Trainer FS10i Review

      It’s clear that the NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer series is better than most standard ellipticals out there. The 3-in-1 development enables natural motion that targets more muscles, giving you a more effective overall workout. The compact design from the center drive location of the FreeStride series makes it ideal for anyone who needs a machine with a smaller footprint. FS10i bodyWe like the personalized and automated experience that the FreeStride Trainer FS10i offers.

      Go to and learn more!

      Get Your Machine FREE with 3-Year iFit Membership!

      It is normal to see new machines offered by at-home fitness manufacturers at the start of a new year. What we don’t normally see is companies changing how you purchase those machines. 

      That is exactly what we are seeing with the ProForm+ program and it’s an exciting shift. This new way of doing things allows you to get a new Carbon HIIT H7 for free, yes free, when you purchase iFit.

      You may be thinking you read that wrong, but you didn’t. Instead of purchasing a new machine and then having the option to buy iFit’s interactive training technology at an additional cost, you commit to a 3-year subscription to iFit and get the machine at no cost.

      Let’s look at the numbers to put things in perspective.  The 3-year commitment to iFit is $39/month, that’s $1403 total. And you get the Carbon H7 for free.  

      To highlight what a great deal that is, let’s look at the alternative. You could purchase a Smart HIIT Trainer from ProForm and decide later if you want to pay for iFit. That machine would cost you $1999 on its own, not to mention the added cost if you decided to add iFit. By taking advantage of the ProForm+ option, you’re saving nearly $600 and gaining access to everything that iFit has to offer.

      The ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 is currently FREE with a 3 year iFit Membership. That’s a total of $1,403 for this machine + your iFit Membership. Financing is available for as little as $39/month. Free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee. Also check out the Sole E95 elliptical. Rated a ‘Best Buy’ for durability and performance.


      Shop the HIIT H7 at ProForm.Com

      ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 Elliptical Trainer Features

      First and foremost, let’s talk about what makes the Carbon HIIT H7 different from treadmills and ellipticals that you may have used in the past. The Carbon H7 is essentially a vertical elliptical and it’s designed to get you a killer workout in the shortest amount of time. 

      The steep incline combined with the multi-function handlebars activates more muscle groups in both your lower and upper body. They don’t call it an HIIT machine for no reason. High-intensity interval training is exactly what you’ll get every time you use it. Benefits of an HIIT session include a full-body workout, boosting your metabolism and facilitating fat burning even after your workout is complete.

      30 Lb. FlywheelThis is a heavy flywheel for an at-home fitness machine and it’s a major perk. A heavier flywheel helps the machine to work more efficiently, meaning a longer lifespan for the Carbon H7 and more workouts for you.

      It also ensures a smoother, quieter experience. This is great for both the user and those around them. The people that share your home, or your neighbors, don’t necessarily want to participate in your workout too.

      Smaller Footprint – The Carbon HIIT H7 is great if you live in a small space, share that space with others, or just don’t want your fitness equipment to be the focal point of a room. At just 66.7” x 29.25”, the Carbon H7 takes up far less space than a treadmill or elliptical without sacrificing any of the performance.

      The Carbon H7 is also fitted with front-mounted transport wheels so you can easily move it out of the way when you aren’t using it.

      24 Resistance Levels —  There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to challenge yourself on the Carbon H7. With 24 resistance levels, even the most seasoned of users will find a challenge.

      Full-Body Workout — We mentioned this above, but it’s worth pointing out that with the Carbon H7 you’re working all of your major muscle groups at once. The vertical elliptical engages your lower body, the multi-function handlebars challenge your upper body, and the combination of the two will keep your core working the whole time.

      7” Smart HD Touchscreen— Since the Carbon H7 is made to be used with iFit, it should come as no surprise that it has an HD Touchscreen. This isn’t the largest screen on the market, but it will allow you to immerse yourself in everything iFit has to offer.

      Also keep in mind that giant HD touchscreens are a key factor that drives up the price of any machine. Since you’re getting the Carbon H7 for free…you’re still coming out ahead

      iFit Interactive Technology — With the ProForm+ program, you’re paying for the iFit subscription, so what exactly does that get you and why should you care?

      Live Interactive TrainingWe all love the idea of training at home, but that’s not the same as actually knowing what you’re doing to get the best results. With iFit you have the benefit of a professional trainer in your home with you anytime. You can join a studio session and get that motivational group energy, or “meet” your trainer for a guided outdoor session that’s all about you.

      During these sessions, the trainer controls the machine to ensure you’re doing exactly what the routine requires. This means you’re getting the results you want without having to wonder if you’re doing it right, or worrying about changing setting at the right time.

      Video Routes Why limit your scenery to the furnishings of your living room? With iFit’s video routes recorded all around the globe, you can climb your way up mountain vistas or trek along a beautiful beach. Take in the amazing scenery and take your mind off the work.

      Extensive Video LibraryMaybe you don’t want a trainer or a virtual trip to exotic locations, iFit still has you covered. While the Carbon H7 may not have the pro-programmed workouts that you’re used to, it has a workout library that packs way more than your typical routines.

      This includes something for every ability level and workouts you can do off your machine. Take advantage of iFit on your rest days with some yoga, or get in your strength training. You won’t miss those pre-programmed workouts, we promise.

      Our Review — ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 Elliptical Trainer

      The Carbon HIIT H7 as part of the new ProForm+ program genuinely doesn’t seem to have any downsides. I know that sounds too good to be true, but let’s look at the facts.

      The Carbon HIIT H7 is an amazing machine, built by a company that we trust to put out high-quality performance machines. This particular machine provides a high-intensity workout in a low-impact package, making it great for everyone. You’ll work more muscle groups, boost your metabolism and continue to burn fat even when your workout is done. 

      For the cost of $1403, you get a quality machine, plus all of iFit’s interactive training to guarantee you’re getting the most out of each workout.

      ProForm backs this up with a warranty that is exactly what we would expect from them. You get 10-year frame, 2-year parts and 1-year labor coverage. This is the same warranty that you get with any of their machines, including those that you’d pay full price for. That says a lot about ProForm as a company and the quality of their machines.

      All in all, you can’t go wrong with this. ProForm is changing how you work out at home and they’re hitting it out of the park with this one.

      To learn more, visit

      Can You Really Get this Elliptical for FREE??

      If you were to visit the elliptical page on the ProForm website, you would notice the image introducing the new Carbon E7 elliptical. But the most eye-catching part isn’t the fact that it’s new, it’s the fact that they are calling it a “FREElliptical”.

      Your first thought may be, “There’s no way that elliptical is free”…but it is!

      The Carbon E7 is part of ProForm’s new Carbon line-up. What’s new about these machines isn’t so much about the machine. The Carbon E7 is a high quality machine with the extensive performance and comfort features that we have come to expect from ProForm. What’s new is how you purchase it. And while this deal may change, at the time of this writing, the purchase method is unique and exciting.

      Interactive fitness training has revolutionized how people work out in their home over the last several years. Gone are the days of working out alone and hoping that you get the results you want. ProForm’s iFit technology brings world-class trainers into your living room to personally guide you every step of the way. You can choose to join a live class or take in some scenery while you run a virtual route anywhere in the world.

      iFit is a service that you typically have to pay for, in addition to the price of the machine you use it on. However, ProForm is changing the game entirely. With the Carbon E7 elliptical, you purchase a 3-year subscription to iFit and you get the machine for free.

      If you’re a person that likes and uses the interactive options available through iFit, this is a truly amazing deal.

      ProForm Carbon E7 Elliptical Trainer Features

      Front-Drive Design – The solid steel construction on the front-drive Carbon E7 ensures that you get a smooth, stable workout every time you use it. The front-drive design means the Carbon E7 has a more compact footprint than you would find on a rear-drive design. This is great if you live in a smaller home, or just want a little more floor space available for other things.

      25 lb. Flywheel – This is a heavy flywheel for an elliptical and one we would expect to see on a model that would typically cost more than the Carbon E7. The heavier flywheel helps the machine work more efficiently. This creates a smoother, quieter elliptical and who doesn’t want that.

      This is a really nice feature to see on a machine that is meant to be used with iFit. Since you will have access to a wider range of workouts, including speed drills and HIIT, it’s comforting to know that the Carbon E7 will keep you comfortable.

      Stride – The Carbon E7 has a 19” Power Adjustable stride. This is exactly what we would expect to find on this machine and is a full-length stride that will accommodate most users.

      24 Resistance Levels –Push yourself to your heart’s content and try out all of the workout that iFit has to offer. The 24 resistance levels on the Carbon E7 will have you challenging yourself and seeing results.

      0 – 20 Degree Incline – This is another performance feature that will come in really handy when you’re taking advantage of your new iFit programming. As you traverse hills and valleys around the globe, the Carbon E7 will make you feel like you’re really there.

      Comfort Features –While performance features are important, you want to be sure that you’ll feel comfortable on your new machine. ProForm has you covered with comfort features like adjustable, oversized, cushioned pedals, soft touch upper-body grips, a CoolAire fan and dual 2” speakers.

      iFit Interactive Programming – Some of you may be familiar with iFit, but for those of you that aren’t, let’s look at what you’re actually buying when you get the Carbon E7 elliptical.

      Interactive Training Sessions – Not only will you be interacting with the personal trainers on iFit. The trainer will also be interacting with your machine. When you join an interactive session, all you have to do is focus on reaching your goals. Your elliptical will automatically change its speed and incline based on what the trainer is doing so you don’t have to shift your focus from what’s important.

      Streaming Global Routes and Studio Classes – Choose a different country to explore each day. You can cover trails and street routes in countries around the globe, or join a studio class for a more personal feel. In either case, you’ll be led by a world-renowned trainer that will ensure you get the most out of every workout.

      Fitness Tracking – iFit automatically records the results from each of your sessions and monitors your progress. iFit uses this information to recommend workouts that reflect your fitness growth. This keeps you from plateauing so that you keep seeing progress and setting new goals.

      Video Library – You don’t have to be in a live session to take advantage of iFit. Choose from iFit’s extensive video library that offers workouts you can do both on and off your machine.

      Our Review — ProForm Carbon E7 Elliptical Trainer

      Right off the bat let’s just reiterate, the Carbon E7 elliptical is essentially your free gift with purchase when you commit to a 3-year subscription to iFit.

      ProForm is revolutionizing how you purchase and use in-home fitness equipment with the introduction of its Carbon series machines. With this deal you get 3-years of iFit’s incredible interactive training programs, live sessions, video routes from around the globe and an extensive workout library…plus a fantastic elliptical on which to do all a great price.

      The 7” Smart HD Touchscreen on the Carbon E7 isn’t the largest on the market, but it is exactly what you need to take advantage of all that iFit has to offer. Plus, for a giant HD touchscreen, you’d be paying a lot more than $0.

      It’s great to see that even with this amazing deal, ProForm still provides a high quality machine that doesn’t skimp on the performance or comfort features. Considering it is made to be used with iFit, you don’t need to worry about it keeping up. The Carbon E7 will be able to handle anything you, or iFit, want to do.

      The warranty on the Carbon E7 also says a lot about the integrity of ProForm as a company and the quality of the machines they manufacture. You’ll still get a 10-year frame, 2-year parts a 1-year labor warranty on a machine that you’re getting for free.

      All in all, if iFit’s interactive technology is a must for your in-home fitness journey, we can’t think of a reason not to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

      Learn more at*

      Bowflex Challenged, Horizon Answered!

      When it comes to in-home fitness, new machines are being introduced at break-neck speed. With new fitness innovations like the MaxTrainer from Bowflex and the ProForm HIIT Trainers, you can believe that Horizon wasn’t going to be left in the dust.

      They built on the idea of a single machine combining the benefits of an elliptical and a stair-stepper into one HIIT workout beast.  Meet the new Horizon Peak Trainer HT5.0.

      According to Horizon, using the machine for 20-minute HIIT workouts will burn more calories, build lean muscle and have you in your best shape ever. To be more specific, Horizon claims when used with their Sprint-8 HIIT programming, the Peak Trainer can trim body fat by up to 27% and significantly reduce bad cholesterol in eight weeks.

      The Horizon Peak Trainer has been discontinued. 
      Shop Available Equipment at

      As with all claims on workout equipment, it is worth noting the “individual results may vary” disclaimer. If you aren’t adopting a healthy lifestyle to go along with your healthy workout routine, you probably aren’t going to look like the people in the promo video.

      So let’s look at what this machine has to offer:

      Features on the Horizon Peak Trainer HT5.0

      • Less Wear and Tear for Your Body – The Peak Trainer offers a tough workout that is also low impact to save your joints. This cuts down on the potential for injury and is great for those that may already suffered a set-back. This is accomplished by using Horizon’s exclusive suspension design which delivers a smooth use no matter how much you challenge yourself.
      • Less Wear and Tear on the Machine –  Horizon utilizes design elements to reduce wear and tear on the machine as well. By eliminating tracks and wheels, there is less friction and noise created during use. This results in less wear on the machine so you can take advantage of its benefits for longer.
      • Full Body Workout – The elliptical / stair-stepper motion that you get with the Peak Trainer HT5.0 is certainly going to get you a lower body workout, but the benefits extend above the waist. There are two places for you to hold on with your hands, one of them is stationary and the other moves back and forth in tandem with your legs. When you are also have to push and pull with your arms, you are having to stabilize yourself by engaging your core. These coordinated motions mean you are getting a full-body workout all at once, which does save you time in the long run.
      • Horizon Sprint 8 – Sprint 8 is the pre-programmed high-intensity interval training that comes on the Peak Trainer HT5.0. Each workout done using Sprint 8 is 20 minutes and Horizon claims you will see results if you do them three times a week. HIIT workouts are shown to help burn more fat and build muscle in a shorter period of time, so these claims do have some scientific backing behind them.
      • Pre-programmed Workouts – Using Sprint 8 isn’t your only option for a routine when you hop on the Peak Trainer. You will also find some of the traditional programs that come on most any in-home equipment. Try out Calorie Burn, Weight Loss or Distance. And, of course, you have the manual option to just design your own workout.
      • Compact Design – The slim and trim design on the Peak Trainer is ideal if you live in a smaller space or just don’t want to have a huge piece of exercise equipment taking up space in your home. The Peak Trainer is smaller than a treadmill or an elliptical, measuring in at just 47” x 28” of floor space.
      • Max User Weight – With a max weight recommendation of 300 lbs, this machine may be small, but its heavy duty construction means it can accommodate most users.
      • Stride Length – Like a stair-stepper, when we talk about stride length on the Peak Trainer we are talking about vertical stride. Unlike an elliptical that simulates a forward and back motion, the Peak Trainer is all up and down, a full 12” of up and down. This may not seem like a lot at first, but keep in mind the average stair is only about 7”.
      • 10 Resistance Levels – The 10 resistance levels on the Peak Trainer guarantee you a challenge no matter what your ability level. This is another aspect of the Peak Trainer that ties in with its focus on HIIT workouts. Speed and time are just two parts of a well-rounded HIIT workout, changing resistance completes the picture.

      Our Review of the Horizon Peak Trainer HT5.0

      It is always exciting to see new at-home exercise equipment hit the market. The ability to better yourself from the comfort of home is great, and having options outside of a treadmill and/or elliptical opens up new opportunities.

      Recently we have seen multiple companies introduce hybrid-style machines that pack more punch into a smaller package. Not one to be left behind, we now have the Peak Trainer HT5.0 from Horizon. Similar to the Bowflex MaxTrainer and the ProForm HIIT Trainers, the Peak Trainer combines the benefits of an elliptical and a stair-stepper into a single HIIT training machine.

      As with all of these new, more-intense machines, it comes with claims of how much fat it’s going to burn in a short period of time. Horizon claims that by using the Peak Trainer for just 20 minutes a day, three times a week, you will cut your body fat by 27% in eight weeks.

      While we know the fat burning benefits of HIIT workouts, these are incredibly specific numbers and it’s probably safe to say that there may be a little more involved in reaching them. That’s most likely why the claim is accompanied by a disclaimer that “individual results will vary”. Always remember that your fitness is a multi-faceted system that includes not only exercise, but healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

      All of that being said, there are certainly some very tempting benefits that go with the Peak Trainer.

      First and foremost, you get a truly full-body workout that is low impact on your joints. The exclusive suspension system delivers a smooth ride that reduces wear and tear on your body. You can also use the moving hand holds to engage your arms and core at the same time as your legs.

      You will also get the Horizon Sprint 8 programming only on with the Peak Trainer HT5.0.  It’s not offered on machines from Bowflex and ProForm. Sprint 8 is specifically designed to deliver HIIT workouts that will get your muscles firing and blood pumping in just 20 minutes. This program is only available on the Peak Trainer HT5.0.

      If you live in a smaller space, or don’t like your exercise equipment taking up valuable floor space, the Peak Trainer may be just what you’re looking for. With a footprint of just 47” x 28” the Peak Trainer is much smaller than an elliptical or treadmill in terms of floor space.

      Unlike most in-home equipment, the Peak Trainer does not come with a fancy touchscreen display. It does have a tablet rack if you want to watch Netflix, but since this machine is built for faster, more intense workouts, you probably won’t be needing much extra entertainment.

      Overall, the Peak Trainer embodies everything that we have come to expect from this new generation of in-home exercise equipment. It works your whole body harder, gets your faster results and takes less time out of your day.

      One area where the Peak Trainer is leaps and bounds ahead of the others we mentioned is price. The Peak Trainer is going to cost you about $899, which is up to $500 less than the ProForm machines’ regular price, and a whopping $1700 less than some of the Bowflex MaxTrainers.

      With that in mind, if you are looking to turn up the intensity on your fitness game, the Horizon Peak Trainer should be the first place you look. Learn more and see if it’s right for you.

      To learn more, check out

      Premium Features at an Unbeatable Price

      This model is The 7.0 AE Elliptical from Horizon is an exciting option for those looking for both technology and performance with a price tag under $1000. The 7.0 AE provides the quality and comfort we have come to expect from Horizon products in a solid, built to last package.

      The technology features on the 7.0 AE may not be the most extensive on the market, but the 7” LCD touchscreen is nothing to shake a stick at. The Advanced Bluetooth allows the 7.0 AE to sync with multiple devices on the speakers and the integrated tablet rack puts your entertainment right where you want it. All in all, the Horizon 7.0 AE offers durability, performance and an impressive array of features at a price you can’t beat.

      The Horizon 7.0 AE is available for $999, or pay as low as $28/month with financing. Free shipping. Use code HOL10 at checkout for an additional 10% off!
      Shop Now at

      Horizon Fitness 7.0AE Elliptical Features

      Ergonomic Design & Engineering – Horizon conducted research on elliptical trainer users to better understand what mechanical features they found most appealing.  From that research they came up with their “SixStar Frame”, which is comprised of six design features that create a very natural and comfortable workout.   We can’t emphasize enough the importance of proper ergonomic features in reducing aches and pains from exercise.  The SixStar features are…

      1. Smooth Elliptical Stride – The 7.0 AE uses a combination large drive pulley ratio and a heavy 23 lb. flywheel to create a smooth and efficient elliptical motion.
      2. Narrow Pedal Distance – One of the benefits of a front drive elliptical trainer is that you can place the pedals very close to each other, this reduces stress to your hips. Wide pedal separation can be particularly stressful to women.  The pedals on the 7.0 AE are about as close as you can get.
      3. Optimal Handlebar Spacing – Handlebars are at a 45 degree and are within easy reach. They are positioned where your hands would naturally be on your side.
      4. Straight Body Posture – Many elliptical trainers tend to force you to lean forward because of the positioning of your body over the mechanism. On the Horizon 7.0 AE your body is in an upright posture, resulting in more comfort and reducing the feeling of exhaustion.
      5. Natural Elliptical Stride – Rather than an oval, bouncy stride, you get a flat elliptical pattern that mimics running or walking on air.  This is also less stressful on your joints and lower back.
      6. Low Pedal Height – The pedals are easy to mount and dismount because of their low 10” height.  Many find mounting a rear drive elliptical to be awkward and difficult.

      23 lb. Flywheel – While we already mentioned this as part of the “SixStar Frame’, this is a substantially heavier flywheel than other treadmills in this price range. This places the 7.0 AE a step above its competitors for smooth, steady use.

      20” Stride Length – A 20” stride length is something that we expect to see in ellipticals over the $1000 mark, so it’s a nice surprise to find this feature on the 7.0 AE. This stride length makes the 7.0 AE comfortable for most users, regardless of height.

      20 incline levels – Another great upgrade on the 7.0 AE is the incline feature. This is something that we don’t always see on other Horizon ellipticals. The incline feature allows users of all ability levels to get a wider variety of great workouts. This also allows you to focus on various muscle groups to tone and strengthen specific areas.

      20 levels of magnetic resistance – This feature is a step-up from the Horizon entry-level model.  The resistance feature is another way to ensure that your workouts are varied and allows you to work a greater range of muscle groups.

      194 lb. Unit Weight – Weighing in at 194 lbs. the 7.0 AE isn’t messing around, weighing more than some of the more expensive premium models. This means that not only are you guaranteed a wobble-free workout, the 7.0 AE can accommodate users up to 325 lbs.

      7” LCD Touchscreen – This may not boast the 10” screens that we are seeing on a lot of newer models, but it’s still a definite step up from the LED displays on many models in this price range.

      Advanced Bluetooth – This technology allows to you connect to multiple devices and stream media to the integrated speakers on the 7.0 AE. Plus, the free no-subscription app lets you push workout data to your favorite fitness apps and control your workout from your device. You can also be sure that you’ll never lose your tunes or entertainment during your workout with the fast-charge USB port.

      6 Workout Programs – No matter what you are looking for from your workout, the 7.0 AE has a program suited to you.

      Warranty – Lifetime frame & brakes, 3 year parts, 1 year generator & labor.

      See a complete comparison chart of Horizon Ellipticals here.

      Our Review – Horizon 7.0 AE Elliptical Review

      The 7.0 AE maintains the high levels of quality, ease of use and performance that we have come to expect from Horizon products. Looking at the specs and features on the 7.0 AE one would very much expect to find a much higher price tag. In fact, the 7.0 AE offers many of the features that we see on the Evolve series machines, but the 7.0 AE is going to cost several hundred dollars less.  Horizon has really stepped up to the plate with the 7.0 AE in terms of performance and features.

      The incline is an awesome addition that we don’t often see on Horizon models. This allows you to better tailor your sessions and work a larger range of muscle groups. The 23 lb. flywheel ensures that you get smooth use every time you step onto your machine. In addition, the heavy weight of that machine itself means that you will always feel solid and steady on your machine.

      The 7.0 AE is also a great option for larger users, as it can accommodate a weight of up to 325 lbs. Tall users need not fear either, the 20” stride length means the 7.0 AE is comfortable for you too.

      The technology features on the 7.0 AE may not be the most extensive on the market, but the 7” LCD touchscreen is nothing to shake a stick at. The Advanced Bluetooth allows the 7.0 AE to sync with multiple devices on the speakers and the integrated tablet rack puts your entertainment right where you want it. All in all, the Horizon 7.0 AE offers durability, performance and an impressive array of features at a price you can’t beat.

      If you’re looking for a lower priced model, you may want to check out the Horizon EX-59.

      To learn more, check out

      A Butt Busting Steep Mountain Hike Right In Your Home!

      Sole SC300 Stepper

      Sole SC300 Stepper

      PRICE ALERT: This is the lowest price you’ll see for the holidays.

      Sole Fitness has long been one of our favorite brands simply because they offer wonderful durability and solid machines.  Their Sole SC200 Stepper took many of the benefits of an elliptical combined with a stair stepper to provide a low stress workout for your lower body muscles.  Now, this newest model, the Sole SC300 Stepper, builds upon that success with new and improved features.

      There are several advantages to the SC300 stepper.  First this machine has an even better warranty than the SC200 with a larger Bluetooth display and the same space-saving compact design.  Best of all, the SC300 Stepper now includes 20 levels of incline so that you can get a better workout right in your home.

      Sole SC300 Stepper Features

      Adjustable Incline Settings – The main advantage with the SC300 is the newly added adjustable incline feature.  This allows you to choose from 20 levels of incline to simulate anything from a rolling neighborhood stroll to a butt-busting steep climb up the side of a mountain.  Work your lower body muscles with less stress on your hips and knees.  Plus, this feature lets you get a more effective workout in a shorter amount of time.

      Articulating / Adjustable Foot Pedals – We like that  the folks at Sole paid attention to the differences in people’s walking pattern and foot position.  The pedals on the SC300 are articulating and adjustable so you can enjoy a comfortable workout.

      Sole Fitness SC300 Stepper Console

      Sole Fitness SC300 Stepper Console

      9″ LCD Display with Bluetooth – This machine comes with a larger 9″ display window compared to the 7.5″ window on the SC200.  It also has built in Bluetooth so you can link your machine to the free Sole Fitness app, track your workouts, and sync your stats with your favorite fitness apps.  Other brands may have a workout tracking feature that requires a monthly subscription.  We want to emphasize that the Sole Fitness app is FREE.

      2-in-1 Design – The SC300 is a combination of an elliptical and a stair climber.  It is specifically designed to target your quad and glute muscles to shape and tone with less effort.

      Strong Frame – The SC300 is an even stronger frame than the SC200, which means more durability and a better warranty.  It has a 350 lb weight capacity.

      Programs – The SC300 Stepper comes with 10 pre-installed programs.  Nothing too fancy here.

      Warranty – This strong warranty reflects the confidence that Sole has in their product.  The SC300 comes with Lifetime Frame, 5 years electronics and parts, and 2 years labor.  For comparison, the SC200 Stepper comes with Lifetime frame, 3 years electronics and parts, and 1 year labor.

      Check out our complete comparison chart with all Sole Elliptical models.

      Fitness Source SC300 Stepper Review

      The SC300 Stepper’s incline feature is a great reason to consider spending around $400 more over the older SC200 Stepper model.  It will allow you to get a more effective workout with a shorter time commitment.

      We also like that this machine now has a larger 9″ white backlit LCD display as compared to the SC200.  It includes Bluetooth technology so that you can reap the benefits of the free Sole Fitness app.  Track your workouts and sync with your favorite existing fitness apps like MyFitnessPal and Apple Health.

      It also has a compact 56″ length frame that will save you space over a typical elliptical’s length of around 82″.

      The Sole SC300 Stepper works along the same lines as the Bowflex Max Trainer and ProForm HIIT Trainers.  These other machines really focus on HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts, while the SC300 Stepper focuses more on a solid muscle toning session.  Still, these machines are all worth a look if you’re thinking about buying a hybrid.

      The main reason you should consider Sole is because of their very strong warranty and solid reputation for durability and low maintenance.

      Go to to learn more.