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Gold's Gym Elliptical Trainer Review

Sold Through Wal-Mart

Gold's Gym Elliptical Trainer ReviewGold’s Gym Elliptical Trainers are primarily sold through Wal-Mart. They are built by Icon Fitness, which also builds NordicTrack, ProForm, Weslo, Reebok and Image elliptical trainers. You may be asking what is the relationship to the health club chain. I assume Icon bought the rights to the name and sells only that label through Wal-Mart. Gold’s Gym has nothing to do with the manufacturing or the selling of these elliptical trainers.

This is similar to Reebok fitness equipment. The shoe company has nothing to do with selling Reebok fitness equipment, they just sold the rights for the name.

Note: Also check out ProForm Elliptical Trainers, which are built by the same company. They have more of a selection and the quality is considerably better.

Icon Fitness bought the rights for the Gold’s Gym name and gave this brand exclusively to Wal-Mart. There are both Gold’s Gym elliptical trainers and treadmills. Now this is worth noting, just about all of the Gold’s Gym machines are relabeled models from ProForm, NordicTrack and Weslo.

Are Gold’s Gym Elliptical Trainers a Good Value?

In general, Icon Fitness offers some of the best value for fitness equipment in the industry. The reason being, they are the largest manufacturer in the world and due to economy of scale they often can offer more for less.

Gold's Gym GameFit EllipticalIcon Fitness sells fitness equipment for as little as $300 to over $3,000. Some of their models are what I call throw-away machines, if they break throw them away, because they’re not worth fixing. On the other hand, they have some models that are light commercial quality.

If you stay above the $700 price range you are getting a decent budget elliptical trainer. Below that price and you have issues with the quality of the components. There is also the issue of stability and sturdiness. Cheap elliptical trainers are generally not heavy machines and consequently not all that stable.

Buying Gold’s Gym Elliptical Trainers vs. Other Icon Fitness Brands

As I mentioned, Gold’s Gym elliptical trainers are relabeled models from other brands. So the question is, should you buy the original ProForm, NordicTrack or Weslo model, or the relabeled Gold’s Gym elliptical.

First, I would avoid Weslo elliptical trainers and the comparable Gold’s Gym models. They are light weight machines built with cheap components. That is why they come with a 90-day warranty. However, there are some excellent buys with the ProForm and NordicTrack models, and consequently, the equivalent version of the Gold’s Gym model.

There is one issue with buying from Wal-Mart. They offer free delivery to their stores. So if you want to buy online, you have to pick it up at your local Wal-Mart store. There is a charge for home deliver, usually around $50-$70. Comparing prices between the brands, they are roughly the same. The real benefit of buying at your local Wal-Mart is that you can hop in your truck, van or SUV and drive home with a Gold’s Gym elliptical.

Review of Gold’s Gym Elliptical Trainers

Below is a short review of the Gold’s Gym ellipticals with links, when available, to the comparable Icon Fitness model and review…

Gold’s Gym StrideTrainer 380 Elliptical – A bargain basement elliptical trainer that weighs only around 100 lbs.Avoid this machine.

Gold’s Gym Maxx Rear Drive Elliptical – This is probably the best value, and the best machine in the Gold’s Gym line-up. It is comparable to the NordicTrack AudioStrider 800. It has a manual incline adjustment.

Gold’s Gym Maxx GameFit Elliptical – This is probably their second best model. It has an interesting twist. You have a video game that you play when exercising. The harder you workout the better your score. The GameFit is comparable to the NordicTrack ARS 700.

Gold’s Gym Crosstrainer Plus Elliptical – Not a bad elliptical. The elliptical stride is smooth and the weight factor gives it reasonable stability. Comparable to the ProForm iSeries 785.

Gold’s Gym Stride Elliptical Trainer 500 – What makes this elliptical appealing is the adjustable incline ramp. However, the price suggests a subpar machine. Poor reviews on

Gold’s Gym Crosstrainer 510 Elliptical Trainer – Although this model has a smooth elliptical motion, I have issues with the single roller wheel design of the foot pedals. Also this machine is moderately stable. Equivalent to the ProForm 160, which is out of production.

Gold’s Gym Spacesaver Elliptical – This is a folding elliptical that also has adjustable stride. This is better quality than the 300 and 500. Comparable to the popular ProForm StrideSelect.

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