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Octane Elliptical Trainer Review

Considerable Thought for Ergonomics and Biomechanics

Octane elliptical trainer reviewI’ve been hearing a lot about Octane elliptical trainers, so I recently checked out several of their models at US Fitness in Cary, NC. Brandyn, the store manager, explained why Octane makes such impressive machines.

First, Octane only makes elliptical trainers. Their focus is solely on cross-training machines. And that devotion to one type of fitness equipment is evident in not only the quality of the machine, but also the innovative features.

You can also tell there was considerable thought placed on the ergonomic and biomechanics design. These machines focus on giving you a superior elliptical workout.

Octane Elliptical Trainer Features that make a difference…

Overall construction – The Octane ellipticals we tested were smooth and extremely quiet. They are also very solid and stable. I grabbed the pedals and tried to shift them left to right, there was virtually no movement.

SmartStride (Only on Q47 series) – This is the only elliptical that has an adjusting stride, based on you pace. It makes sense that the faster you pace the wider your stride. Think about it? When you run or jog, you have a longer stride in comparison to walking. With the SmartStride feature, the stride adjusts with your pace from 18″-26″.

Close Pedal Spacing – Octane ellipticals space their pedals no further than 1.8 ” apart. This optimizes your comfort level with your elliptical stride. It also reduces lateral hip shifting and potential back and knee stress. I’ve had several people complain about ellipticals they purchased and the discomfort they encountered from wide pedal spacing. Note: Because of their unique physique, women will particularly find this feature attractive.

octane elliptical trainer consoleImpressive Consoles and Displays – Octane has possibly the best console in the industry. I feel many companies compromise on the design of the elliptical consoles, in comparison to treadmills. Octane elliptical have consoles designed with smart layouts and multiple readout windows. You get all the info you need simultaneously, and making adjustments is very intuitive.

Converging Path Handlebars (Only on the Q37 series) – The handlebars mimic the natural upper body movement by turning inward as you press forward. In the backswing, the handlebars open up. This keeps your upper body in a neutral position further reducing stress.

Armblaster – This feature builds the upper body through intervals of intense repetition. It focuses on your chest, back, shoulders and arms. The appeal of an elliptical trainer is the cross training function. Although you will find that most of the emphasis is on the lower body. Most people are just going through the motions with the upper body handlebars. With the Armblaster feature, the emphasis is on toning the upper body, as it should be (not on Q35).

Small Footprint – You’ll find that the Octane ellipticals are efficiently designed, and take up less space than comparable models. The front drive requires less length.

Our Review – Octane Ellipticals

There is no doubt that Octane is one of the most innovative manufacturers of elliptical trainers. Their numerous patented features really focus on providing an exceptional workout. Their residential models offer commercial quality for the home. I personally wouldn’t mind owning the Q47.

Customer Review

“I hopped on the Octane Q37e and instantly loved it; it felt identical to the Precor as far as form & function. The console is great and the upper body aspect works tremendous, not to mention the price of $2,300-$2,700 depending on where purchased. However, the warranty is not as nice but it is a residential unit.”

Health Magazine Best of Fitness Award 2007

“Ergonomically designed handles challenge your muscles in all the right ways. The rigorous upper-body-resistance program and two lower-body programs give you a great all-over workout. A special feature disables buttons so kids can’t hurt themselves.”

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