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ProForm Elliptical Reviews

Proform Elliptical are some of the Best Elliptical Values on the Planet!

ProForm Endurance 720 E

ProForm Endurance 720 E – Read our full review here.

After our third trip out to Proform’s manufacturing headquarters we were thoroughly impressed with the advances being made on Proform’s Ellipticals. ProForm just keeps offering more for less.

In the past, ProForm had issues with their quality control and customer service. Both have improved immensely over the last several years. The best value Proform Ellipticals are between $800-$1,300. These machines sell at a reasonable price and are equipped with some innovative features. Including a generous selection of pre-installed programs, which is why we love to do ProForm Elliptical Reviews.


ProForm SMART PRO 12.9 – $1,499 (“Best Buy“)

ProForm Carbon E7FREE with 3 year iFit Membership!

ProForm Carbon H7FREE with 3 year iFit Membership!

ProForm SMART HIIT Trainer Pro – $1,999 (10″ Smart HD Touchscreen, 30 lb. flywheel, vertical elliptical path)

Free Financing is Available! 

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Our Complete List of ProForm Elliptical Reviews

ProForm SMART PRO 12.9 – $1,499 (“Best Buy“)

ProForm Smart Strider 495– $799

ProForm Hybrid Trainer – $599

ProForm Endurance 520 E – $999

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro – $799

ProForm SMART Endurance 920 E – $1,699

ProForm PRO 9.9 – $1,599

ProForm Carbon H7 – $1,403

ProForm Endurance 720 E – $1,299

ProForm Carbon E7 – $1,403

ProForm SMART PRO 16.9 – $1,599

ProForm SMART HIIT Trainer Pro – $1,599

Download the ProForm Elliptical Comparison Chart HereComparisonChart_graphic

Standard Proform Elliptical Features

Icon Fitness, the manufacturer of ProForm and NordicTrack, has always excelled in innovation and they devote considerable resources to research and development. Because of this all ProForm ellipticals come with the following features as standard:

Power Ramps

ProForm Elliptical ReviewsAll ProForm elliptical have power ramps allowing you to change the incline of the elliptical motion, not unlike the incline on a treadmill. By increasing the incline of your elliptical stride, you can burn more calories and target different parts of your lower body.

iFit Coach Ready

iFit Live

iFit Live on the ProForm HIIT Trainer – Read full review here.

All ProForm ellipticals are iFit Live compatible. This is a patented technology only found on Icon Fitness machines, the parent company of ProForm. iFit Live allows your ProForm elliptical to…

  • Communicate directly to the Internet.
  • Create custom workout programs with audio coaching.
  • Deliver GoogleMap driven workouts that simulate real terrain and resistance.
  • Show real time progress along your route with the use of a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  You’ll see a street view when available from Google.
  • Track your stats and overall progress towards your fitness goals.

Check out a comparison chart of all ProForm ellipticals here.

Android Browser Equipped

ProForm Elliptical ReviewsProForm offers several elliptical models with an Android touch screen browser. They include the ProForm Smart Strider 895the ProForm SMART Endurance 920 E, Pro 12.9, Pro 16.9, and the SMART HIIT Trainer Pro. This display gives you the ability to connect directly to the Internet, use the interactive video experience of iFit Live (without the need of a tablet or smartphone) and see full color feedback on your stats.

Easy Assembly

Often you can spend between 2-3 hours assembling an elliptical trainer and it can easily require two people. The following ProForm Ellipticals assemble in just a few quick steps and fold upright for storage:

Buying the Right Machine For Your Needs

The most common problem people have with ProForm ellipticals is that they buy a machine that is NOT compatible to their fitness needs.

Ellipticals under $1,000 lack the durability and stability of more expensive ellipticals.

Proform SmartStrider 895

Proform SmartStrider 895 – Read full review here.

For example, we recently had a reader contact us wanting to know why her $900 elliptical did not hold up to both her and her husband’s daily two hour workouts. Duh!

4 Quick Tips to Help You Find the Right Elliptical:

  1. Heavy set? A budget elliptical won’t hold-up under the strain or provide the necessary stability.
  2. Excessively tall? Consider an elliptical with a longer elliptical stride, 20″ or more.
  3. Going to workout aggressively? Get a machine designed for the abuse.
  4. Multiple users? Once again, get a machine designed for the abuse.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer


ProForm SMART HIIT Trainer Pro – Read full review here.

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer. This is a machine that can be utilized as either a recumbent exercise bike or as an elliptical. During our last conversation with the company they told us this is their #1 seller.

ProForm HIIT Trainers

The ProForm SMART HIIT Trainer and SMART HIIT Trainer Pro were released in late 2016 to compete with the popular Bowflex Max Trainer machines.  They are a stair climber and elliptical combo designed to give fast results through intense interval training sessions. When comparing the two brands side-by-side, the ProForm HIIT Trainers excel in several areas. Read a direct comparison article here.

Our Overall ProForm Elliptical Reviews

Proform pro 16.9

ProForm SMART PRO 16.9 – Read full review here.

True story. About seven years ago we got a call from one of the executives from Icon Fitness, which owns ProForm. They asked why we were trashing their products in our ProForm Elliptical Reviews. We said, in less than diplomatic terms, “Your quality control and customer service sucks.” They responded by saying they were a company in transition, much like the Detroit automakers, and we should come out to Logan, UT to see the changes that were being put into place.

Since that visit, the company has made radical improvements to both their quality control and their customer service. We still get an occasional complaint, but considering their huge volume of sales, the overall percentage of service issues is minor.

Icon Fitness has become a company that is completely focused on offering the best value in their price range. In fact, they are fanatic about it. The quality of their machines and their leading edge technology make the models some of the best values in their price range!

Check out a comparison chart of all ProForm ellipticals here.

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