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Vision Fitness Elliptical Reviews Vision X40

Brand:Vision Fitness
Expert Rating:3.5 stars

The Vision Fitness Elliptical Reviews Vision X40 is On Sale!


Front Drive with Three Console Options

TVision Fitness Elliptical Reviewshe Vision Fitness X40 elliptical trainer offers a different type of buying experience for shoppers. You have the choice of three different consoles with different displays and programming features. This allows you to get the features you want, rather than paying for unwanted features.

Overall, Vision Fitness has a reputation for building quality machines that are very durable. In addition, their ellipticals are ergonomically and biomechanically designed around the user. When my team visited their corporate headquarters we were told that they built their ellipticals based on the wants and needs of customers that they reviewed.

You may also want to check out the NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 for comparable quality.
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Vision Fitness X40 Elliptical Trainer Console Options

X40 Classic (MSRP $1,599) – Your basicLED console with 4 different windows for displaying multiple stats.  You get five present workout programs. An optional feature is their Passport media player that lets you access numerous interactive videos that simulate running or walking in National Parks or European cityscapes.  The footage of the video is based on the speed of your motion.  You can connect your Passport player to your TV.

X40 Elegant (MSRP $1,999) – The Elegant console features a full-color 7” LCD screen and 13 programs, including their Sprint 8 workout and two interactive videos that you can view on your display. The optional  Passport media player is available.  There are also speakers and a USB port charger.

X40 Touch (MSRP $2,599) –  With the X40 Touch you get a full color 10” touch screen HD display.  There are 17 installed programs, 20 feedback stats, the Sprint 8 workout and two interactive videos.  The optional Passport media player is available.  Further features include, speakers, USB port charger, iPod® and iPhone® compatibility, workout tracking through Nike + iPod® and heart rate training with the included Polar® chest strap and wireless receiver. There is also a calendar-style workout journal that stores data for multiple users.Vision_Consoles

Vision Fitness X40 Mechanical Features

20” Stride Length – An average stride length that will provides a smooth elliptical motion.

Minimal Pedal Spacing – The close pedals reduces stress and strain to your legs and hips.

Oversized Pedals – This allows you to place your feet where they are most comfortable.

No Incline Feature – This is what I consider a major drawback.  Most elliptical trainers include the ability to incline the motion.  The advantage is that you can increase your cardio exertion and you can target additional muscles.  Not sure why they did not include this.

23 lbs. Flywheel – A heavy flywheel that will contribute to a very natural elliptical stride.

10” Step Up – In contrast to rear drive ellipticals, this low step up is much more easy to mount and dismount.

Warranty  – The coverage is typical for this price range.

  • Frame – Lifetime
  • Brakes and Parts – 5 years
  • Labor – 2 years

Our Vision Fitness Elliptical Reviews | Vision X40 Elliptical

Our team gives the Vision Fitness X40 elliptical high marks for quality of construction and the various ergonomic features. Where we have issues is with their pricing. You’ll find that Vision Fitness equipment tends to be higher than comparable machines because they typically sell in fitness specialty stores. These stores provide an excellent service, by providing you with fitness professionals that can match your fitness goals with the right machine. However, that service usually comes with a mark-up price. NordicTrack offers the E 16.7 with a 10” full color touch screen display with Android browser, a 15” HD TV, iFit Live compatibility, 34 lbs. flywheel and 40 installed programs for $1,699.

Also, we cannot imagine buying an elliptical trainer without the ability to incline the motion. I mix up the incline on my machine regularly.

Vision Fitness Elliptical Reviews| A Customer Review of the X40

Great machine! Bought it to replace the same version (purchased 7 years ago) and i could not be happier. Not only has the product improved, so has the price. Machine is smooth and provides a great workout,

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