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Sole E95S Elliptical Trainer Review

Brand:Sole Fitness
Expert Rating:4.5 stars

The Sole E95S Elliptical Trainer is On Sale!


Bluetooth Technology for Easy Workout Tracking

SoleE95SThe Sole E95S is a step up from the Sole E95 model.  It provides adjustable stride length so you can work different muscle groups.  Plus, taller individuals can adjust stride length so they are comfortable during a workout. This is one of the most affordable adjustable stride length elliptical on the market.  It also comes with a heavy duty flywheel, large over-sized foot pedals, and a 9″ LCD display.  This model has Bluetooth technology to sync with the Sole smart app. Track your fitness stats with this machine!

Sole ellipticals are well know for their reputation as stable, durable, and low maintenance machines.  They are also backed with fantastic warranties.


The Sole Fitness E95S is ON SALE for $2,199.99 with free shipping and no sales tax on all orders.One of the very best values at this price range!

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When our team visited the Sole Cooperate headquarters, we talked with the Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  He explained that Sole is always trying to provide the highest quality at the best value.

Top Features on the Sole E95S Elliptical…

  • Bluetooth Technology – It is easier than ever to track your workout stats with this updated 2016 Sole E95S model. Bluetooth technology on the elliptical works with the Sole Fitness smart app so you can track  your workout statistics. Read more about the new Sole machines.
  • Adjustable Power Incline —The ability to adjust incline can take your crosstraining up a notch.  It lets you to work specific muscles groups like your glutes or quads.
  • Heavy Duty Flywheel — A heavy flywheel allows for a comfortable and fluid elliptical motion.
  • Stable Dual Wheel Design — Sole machines have two concave wheels moving along a track for a much more solid motion that most competition models.
  • 18-24″ elliptical stride —  This is one place that the E95S excels over the Sole E95.  Its wider range of stride length allows for a smooth elliptical motion more in line with those top priced machines.
  • New! Elongated Handlebars —  The handlebars on this machine allow you to grip with various positions.  This lets you target different upper body muscles.
  • Includes Heart Rate Control — Many people love heart rate control because it lets you determine your level of exertion. The Sole E95S comes with pulse grips and is chest strap compatible.
  • Adjustable foot pedals —  The foot pedals were developed in collaboration with a leading physical therapist.  A 2 degree inward slant to the pedals will reduce angle and knee stress common with other machines.
  • The Sole E95S weighs a hefty 260 lbs —  This machine is heavy!  It contributes to stability and sturdiness.  This is especially important for heavier uses or those who like to go really hard during their workout.  You may want to consider inside delivery.
  • SoleE95S_console9″ LCD Backlit Display —The vibrant 9″ display shows speed, incline, time, distance traveled, calories, pulse, and pace.  It also shows a 1/4 mile track and a peak/valley graph.
  • Generous Warranty — This machine comes with lifetime coverage on the frame, 5 years parks, 5 years parts, and 2 years labor.
  • 84″ Length – This machine is really stable but a bit of a space hog.

Fitness Source Sole E95S Elliptical Review

For the price, this is a pretty great machine.  To get something better, you would need to spend considerably more money.  It provides a rewarding cross-training experience and has a generous warranty to back it up.

The fact that Sole has an excellent reputation for standing behind their products is also important to consider. We are not aware of any issues with their customer service, which is not something we can say about all of the leading brands out there.  The only downside to this machine is its size.  If you have the room to accommodate its 84″ length, then you will be good to go!

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*This Sole E95S Elliptical Trainer Review is based on not only testing the equipment, but also comments, testimonials, reviews and ratings of customers and third parties. We attempt to be as accurate as possible. Warranties, features and prices can change without notice.


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