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A Company That Sells A Little Of Everything

MaxKare is a company that we found from their popularity on Amazon. One thing that we found really interesting about MaxKare that makes them really different from any other brand in the industry is that they don’t just sell fitness equipment. In fact, by looking through their website, it appears that fitness equipment is actually what they focus on the least.

You cannot purchase an elliptical from the MaxKare website. All of their fitness equipment is sold exclusively on Amazon. As a company, their products range from Relaxation and Massage products, Heating Pads, Home and Kitchen items, Baby Goods, and Sports and Outdoors. The elliptical offered from MaxKare can be found under their Sports and Outdoors category.

From a user experience, their website as well as their Amazon store is slightly confusing. There is such a wide variety of products, if you went to their store specifically looking for an elliptical, it’s difficult to find.

With that being said, their elliptical does have decent reviews on Amazon. It has 3.5 out of 5 stars and around 70 reviews at the time of this review being written. It’s being sold for less than $300, so it seems like a steal of a deal. However, we are extremely hesitant about this machine and the brand, and we’ll tell you why.

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MaxKare Elliptical – $289.99

We suggest checking out the Horizon EX-59 over MaxKare’s elliptical. It sells for $599 but we feel it is a much better investment in terms of durability and safety.

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MaxKare Elliptical vs. Horizon EX-59

MaxKare Elliptical

One major concern that we have with the MaxKare elliptical is that it only weights 72.7 lbs. If a user is over 140 lbs., you are twice the weight of this machine. The reason this is concerning is it could leave to safety and stability issues during your workout. In contrast, the Horizon EX-59 elliptical weighs 145 lbs., over double what the MaxKare elliptical weighs. MaxKare claims that their elliptical can withstand a user weight of 286.6 lbs. We do not feel that this statement is accurate, and could lead to injury if a user this heavy tries to use their elliptical. Typically, for the Horizon EX-59 which again is twice the weight of the MaxKare elliptical, we recommend a max user weight of 180 lbs.

Other concerns that we have with machine are…

Stride Length – The stride length of the MaxKare elliptical is 14.17 inches, which they claim in their product description would be comfortable for all users. This is simply not true. The Horizon EX-59 elliptical has an 18″ stride length, and we would only recommend this as a comfortable stride for medium-height users. Most people around 5’6-5’7″ or under will find the Horizon EX-59 stride length comfortable. We feel that most people would find a 14.17 stride length on the MaxKare elliptical extremely limiting.

FlyWheel – The heavier the flywheel, the more stable your elliptical will be, and the more you will feel you are exercising in a natural motion. The flywheel on the MaxKare elliptical is 11 lbs., the flywheel on the EX-59 is 14.3 lbs.

Warranty – According to MaxKare’s website, their is a 90 day money-back guarantee on this elliptical. It also states there is a 24 month manufacturer warranty that applies if there is any defect or shipping damage. This is not a great warranty, and we feel that a sub-par warranty usually reflects the quality of a product. The warranty on the Horizon EX-59 is lifetime frame, 1-year parts and labor. A much better warranty for this price range.

Amazon Reviews of the MaxKare Elliptical

As we mentioned, this elliptical does have decent reviews on Amazon. However, there are some mixed feelings on it. Here are some of the most recent reviews on this product:

1. Takes 2 people
2. Box is WAAAAAY too heavy
3. EVERTHING is wrapped in tape on tape on tape. After completely destroying the box, whittle away at all the tape for hours trying to get anything out of it.
4. Still hit another snag where it says you need an assistant to help connect wiring.
Update – tried again, can be done alone but it’s tricky.
1. Mount the foot pedals onto the thingy BEFORE you attach the thingy to the other thing. (See last instructions). It’s easier to tighten without laying upside down under it.
2. Mount the computer before the hand grips, same reason. The grips get in the way.
3. In step #2, read very carefully. There’s more detail at the bottom of the page.
4. Not well written, so you may have to read some stuff over and over again.

Once properly put together this is a great value. It gives a great workout. You have to really tighten the bolts around the center post or it will squeak.

Wanted to wait to review after having the elliptical for a while. Have now had it for 2 weeks and I am very happy with it. Easy enough to assemble, just took a while for one small person. Flywheel made a grinding metal sound for the 1st week, but then went quiet. Has remained quiet, with the exception of a few squeaks here and there. Not sure if the resistance levels work, but works enough for what I need it for and for the price. I use it for 30 min, 5 times a week. Overall, pretty decent purchase.

This is my worse experience this ever. The machine came scratched and print erased yet I had no problem so long as the machine works BUT THEN I realized the machine is shipped without any screws and is currently just lying in my room and can never be put together basically. WORST of all the seller is ignoring my messages and requests to send the tools/ screws to put it together. Pay extra and get a better product that can at least be functional.

Our Review: MaxKare Elliptical Trainer


Horizon EX-59

Overall, MaxKare seems a little all over the place. Their website and Amazon store are both tricky to navigate. Although they have some decent reviews on Amazon, a major complaint seems to be the construction of the machine and poor customer service, which are major concerns for consumers when purchasing fitness equipment online.

Safety is another aspect of this machine that we are weary of. With such a light product and flywheel weight, we are concerned about their recommendation of a 286 lb. user weight limit, seeing as a user of that weight would be almost four times the weight of the machine.

Overall, we feel the the Horizon EX-59 is a much more safe and wise choice. It has a heavier unit weight, heavier flywheel, larger stride length, and a better warranty. Horizon is also a much more reputable brand in the industry. To read more about the EX-59, check out our full review here.

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